To honor Transgender Day of Visibility, we want to highlight these incredible trans Jewish visionaries and leaders who have contributed so much in terms of art, literature, religion, justice, and more.

Want to learn more about Trans Visibility Day? Check out these resources, courtesy of GLSEN.


Lindz Amer, YouTuber and creator of Queer Kids Stuff

Photo credit goes to James Dillon III @the_third_and_only on Instagram


S. Bear Bergman, children’s and adults’ book author and publisher, founder of Flamingo Rampant press, dazzling Keshet OUTstanding! gala emcee


Kate Bornstein, author, playwright, performance artist, actor, and gender theorist, honored at OUTstanding! honoree and featured in a Keshet LGBTQ heroes poster

Sol J Brager, artist


daph ben david, educator and artist


Noach Dzmura, Jewish community leader, teacher, writer, and freelance communications professional


August Eberlein, online personality


Emet Ezell, writer, community organizer, and founder of The Barnacle Goose


Leslie Feinberg (z”l), butch lesbian, transgender activist, communist, and author


KB Frazier, audiologist, musician, rabbinical school student, leader of Keshet’s Spiritual Healing for LGBTQ Jews of Color


Ezra Furman, singer/songwriter


Yishay Garbasz, artist


Lior Gross and Eyal Rivlin, creators of The Nonbinary Hebrew Project


Rabbi Emily Aviva Kapor-Mater, computer programmer

Rabbi Eliana Kayelle, choreographer, director, founder of You Gotta Give ‘Em Torah


Binya Kóatz, poet, coder, activist, ritual-maker, facilitator, creator of Keshet’s simanim / ye’i rasones for Rosh Hashanah


Rabbi Elliot Kukla, chaplain, author, activist, artist


Joy Ladin, essayist, poet, scholar, honored at OUTstanding!, Keshet emeritus board member


Davia Loren, pediatrician, associate professor, clinician-educator


Mycroft Masada, LGBTQ+, fat & illness/disability liberation leader, writer, artist


Mx. Cleo Mizrahi, artist, stylist, filmmaker


Rena Yehuda Newman, artist, zine-maker, editor at New Voices Magazine


Qamar, artist, voice actor


Martin Rawlings-Fein, filmmaker, educator, elected official, liturgist


Eliana Rubin, educator and musician


Becky Silverstein, rabbi, SVARA fellow, founder of Beyn Kodesh l’Chol, OUTstanding! honoree and Keshet emeritus board member

Photo of Rabbi Becky Silverstein


Rachel SJ, actor, singer


Michael Sokolovsky and Xava De Cordova, co-hosts of the podcast Xai How Are You

Abby Stein, activist, author, speaker, educator, rabbi, OUTstanding! honoree


Enzi Tanner, social worker, community organizer


Jaz Twersky and Lulavet Arnow, cohosts of the podcast Kosher Queers


Lauren Zannah, online personality


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