Submissions are closed and the zine is finished! Thanks for your interest.

What is “At the Intersection of Queer and Jewish”?

Queer and LGBTQ+ Jews are at that intersection, of course!

“At the Intersection of Queer and Jewish” is Keshet’s 2022 zine that features content created by and for LGBTQ+ Jewish youth and young adults. Over the course of two months, we received submissions from LGBTQ+ Jewish creators between the ages of 13 and 24. These creations are about their experiences being Jewish and LGBTQ+, as well as the experiences and art of Jews of Color, Jews by choice, disabled Jews, and Jews from multifaith backgrounds. Our goal is to celebrate all of the creative youth in our Keshet community and to uplift their experiences by featuring them within this zine.

Our Editorial Board

These teens and young adults envisioned what this project would look like and are facilitating creative workshops throughout the summer! After all submissions have been received, this group will organize and put together all of the pieces for the final edition of the zine.

Avi Noah Reddy (they/them)
Image of a person smiling. They have straight brown hair and glasses on their head. They are standing on front of a brick wall covered in white flowers.

Eden J.J. Davis (they/xe)

Image of a person with long brown hair looking into the camera. They are wearing a black shirt and are in front of a blue wall.

B Littman (they/them)

Image of a person with short brown hair and green glasses smiling looking into the camera. They are wearing a colorful button up shirt and a black backpack. They are standing in front of a glass building.

Fayvel Selch (he/she)

Image of a person in the woods holding a tool and standing with his hand on his hip. He has short red hair and is wearing a red bandanna over it. He is also wearing a purple surgical mask, a colorful button up shirt over a long sleeve shirt, and green pants with mud boots.