Seven Values - Seven Voices

As we look toward the High Holidays and the beginning of 5782, we at Keshet are asking: what can we do to bring the values of inclusion, equity, and liberation to the world? This summer, we asked seven trans and non-binary teens to reflect on their own experiences and how they understand our Seven Jewish Values for LGBTQ inclusion in their own lives and communities. At a time when trans rights are being challenged and rolled back across the country, these young people can light the way forward as we all work toward a brighter, liberated future for trans and non-binary Jews of all ages.

High Holiday Resources

Use the High Holiday season to make real change in your community. The following resources are just some ideas of ways to show your support with LGBTQ Jewish youth.

Institutional Self-Assessment/Audit Tool for LGBTQ Inclusion
Institutional Self-Assessment/Audit Tool for LGBTQ Inclusion

A tool to help identify what your community is or isn't doing as it relates to LGBTQ inclusion.

LGBTQ Awareness Calendar – Fall/Winter 2021
LGBTQ Awareness Calendar – Fall/Winter 2021

Celebrate the Jewish High Holidays and important LGBTQ dates! This resource highlights important dates on both the secular and Hebrew calendars and shares ways to mark them. We encourage you to use the following resources, activities, and social media ideas to show your solidarity with LGBTQ youth.


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