Kavod – Anonymous

May 23, 2024

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Kavod, or respect, is a value that’s important to me because it covers so many situations and experiences. Respect comes in many forms, but most importantly for me, it means listening to what people tell you. As I have learned more myself and started to educate others, I have come to realize that it’s ok to not know the perfect language to describe an identity, or to make a mistake with a person’s pronouns. It’s the fundamental idea of respecting other people that truly matters. 

When we can see everyone for who they are, and treat people with the respect they deserve,  then we are on the way to making the world a better place for everyone. You don’t have to “get” what it means to be trans to treat someone with respect. (But please do educate yourself, Google is a great tool!) If a trans person tells you their pronouns, name, or what they might need from you in a situation, listen to us and respect what we have to tell you.