LGBTQ Awareness Calendar – Fall/Winter 2021

Celebrate the Jewish High Holidays and important LGBTQ dates! This resource highlights important dates on both the secular and Hebrew calendars and shares ways to mark them. We encourage you to use the following resources, activities, and social media ideas to show your solidarity with LGBTQ youth. Make 5782 a year of sweetness and justice.

May 18, 2024


Tu B’Av

  • Throw a Loving Day Celebration honoring all types of love and partnership in your community
  • Watch the documentary Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement that follows the interfaith lesbian partnership that led to the successful court case that made same-gender marriage legal on the federal level in 2013


Bisexuality Day – September 23rd

Suicide Prevention Week/Month


LGBTQ History Month

Bullying Prevention Month

  • Host programs in Jewish Day Schools and Religious schools about bullying prevention

National Coming Out Day – October 11th

International Pronoun Day – October 16th

  • Make pronoun buttons!
  • Add your pronouns to your email signature or LinkedIn profile
  • Start to share pronouns at the beginning of meetings
  •  Host a community education program on what pronouns are and why they’re important


Nov 13th – 19th – Trans Awareness Week

Nov. 20th -Trans Day of Remembrance


December 1st – World AIDS day

December 10th Human Rights Day

  • Hold learning or invite a speaker about global LGBTQ rights and national rights
  • Get involved with Keshet’s work for LGBTQ+ rights