Al Tifrosh Min haTsibur – Ollie

September 26, 2021

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“Al tifrosh min hatsibur” translates to “Do not separate yourself from the community,” from which I derive a commandment to be and act in solidarity with one’s community. Standing in solidarity with others, and feeling that one’s community actively stands in solidarity with one’s full, authentic self, is powerfully life-affirming.

My trans experience is shaped by people standing in solidarity with me. Standing up for me when slurs are being thrown my way, supporting me when I feel dysphoric and more. Solidarity also reaches further than that. In my Jewish and trans community, it means teaching me a prayer to say when I put my binder on, giving me the strength to both exist and thrive as a Jewish trans person and more.

To stand in solidarity is to use one’s own power to empower others. When we stand up for each other in all these ways, we make sure that we are not separating ourselves from our communities, and at the same time that no one is being separated or pushed away.


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