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Politicians in dozens of states are creating state-level policies that deny LGBTQ+ people, especially trans youth, the basic dignities of life. These laws allow for anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination in the name of religion, prohibit trans youth from playing sports or using bathrooms, deny supportive and medically sound healthcare, silence teachers and schools from even discussing LGBTQ+ people, and threaten to rip apart families that support their children. 

Jewish families and LGBTQ+ people in states with these harmful policies are living in fear for their safety and could potentially lose life-saving healthcare and support. We must show up in this critical moment to fight against policies that harm all of us.

Keshet focuses our state-based work in Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida because these states have large Jewish populations and regressive LGBTQ+ policies. Don’t see your state here? We would still love to work with you and your community! To get involved with Keshet’s work at the state level, fill out this quick form.

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