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Photo © Mark Katzman KB is an audiologist, musician, co-convener of the Tzedek Lab, a Reconstructionist Rabbinical student, and a queer, trans Jew. A collaborative and spiritual leader, KB travels…

Michael is Jewish, Black, and gay, and this “makes my soul’s recipe unique and powerful.” The award-winning author of 2018’s The Cooking Gene, Michael gave a popular TED talk, wrote the viral Open…

Rabbi Sandra is a veteran, a vegan, a weightlifter, and one of the first queer women rabbis of color. As Associate Chaplain for Jewish Life at Elon University, Sandra explores…

Since the start of the pandemic, I have often felt a sense of uncertainty about time. I felt unsure of how the days, months, and now years progressed when the…

Typically, Black History Month focuses on the past and how far we’ve come as a community: learning about monumental Black historical figures, Carter G. Woodson and the creation of Black…

I’ve got to get something off my chest. Perhaps it’s a hot take. Perhaps we’ve all been thinking it and no one has said anything, but it’s a new year…

Content Note: Discusses anti-LGBTQ bullying and suicide. “They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds.” Very recently I learned who originally said this quote. It was…

Download full-size image If using Ayeola’s art, please at the minimum give proper artist attribution, and consider contacting her for permission or to offer payment in exchange for your use.…

It cannot be a mere coincidence that Martin Luther King Jr. was born just two weeks before we observed Tu Bishvat in 5689, on January 15, 1929. This year, we…

I have been out as transgender for the last two years. The first year was incredibly difficult: despite living in an incredibly accepting household and community, I struggled with a…

  “Al tifrosh min hatsibur” translates to “Do not separate yourself from the community,” from which I derive a commandment to be and act in solidarity with one’s community. Standing…

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Many events in Jewish life are accompanied by a ritual or ceremony. Our library of materials can help you find a meaningful LGBTQ inclusive text or interpretation for your event.


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Keshet was a game-changer for our camp! We now have crystal clear understanding of LGBTQ terminology and the confidence to use it. Our counselors are much more intentional about the language they use to express the gender diversity among our campers. Thanks to Keshet, our campers and their families know that they will be fully embraced for who they are.

Sheryl Kirschenbaum, Director of Surprise Lake Camp

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