2023 Annual Report

Annual Report



Eilu v’eilu: Both these and these are true. As LGBTQ+ Jews and allies, the challenges we faced in 2023 often felt insurmountable. And we are built for such moments. Built to fight back. Built to create communities of belonging and joy. We are proud to present our 2023 Annual Report and invite you to read our stories of impact.

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“Amid the dangerous rhetoric and policies cloaked in the name of religion, we work every day, all over the country, to shine a light on all that unifies and strengthens our communities.”

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Idit Klein Headshot

Idit Klein
President & CEO

Seth Marnin Headshot

Ari Kristan
Chair, Board of Directors

In 2023, Keshet:

Icons of people


Partnered with over 800 Jewish organizations that collectively serve 4.4 million people across North America

Icons of people


Engaged over 13,500 people to empower queer Jewish youth, train Jewish leaders to build communities of belonging, and organize Jews to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights

Icons of people


Mobilized more than 240 Jewish community organizations to fight back against legislative attacks on the rights of LGBTQ+ kids through Thrive: the Jewish Coalition to Defend Trans and LGBTQ+ Youth, a partnership of Keshet and SOJOURN

All of this was made possible by you and over 2,100 other supporters who donated to Keshet in 2023. Thank you!

Keshet Mission and Vision

Keshet envisions a world in which all LGBTQ Jews and our families can live with full equality, justice, and dignity. We strengthen Jewish communities. We equip Jewish organizations with skills and knowledge to build LGBTQ affirming communities, create spaces in which all queer Jewish youth feel seen and valued, and advance LGBTQ rights nationwide.

Education and Training

Transforming Jewish Institutions

Our Education & Training team bolsters Jewish institutions—synagogues, day schools, JCCs, federations, summer camps, and more—to live their values as communities of belonging. Through individualized consultations, trainings, and our cohort-based Shivyon: Keshet’s Equality Project, our Education & Training team sparks change across Jewish life, from the views of our leaders and community members to the policies and programs of our institutions.

"Our community is safer, stronger, and better because of our participation in the Shivyon cohort with Keshet."

Education and Training by the Numbers


staff and leaders trained in 267 Jewish organizations: day schools, camps, synagogues, JCCs, service organizations, and other institutions


Shivyon Equality Project cohorts launched with 69 organizations


of organizations participating in Keshet Education & Training programs reported implementing at least one change to policy, programs, or culture

“In our post-summer reflection, we openly wondered whether certain challenges had not come up in previous summers or if we were more aware of them now. It was clear that the lens in which we viewed issues about inclusivity, LGBTQ+ equality, and ensuring that our camp remains a safe space—and the tools we now have at our disposal—has changed for the better. Our community is safer, stronger, and better because of our participation in the Shivyon cohort with Keshet.”

Virginia Beach, Virginia

KESHET IMPACT: The leadership of Camp JCC Tidewater in Virginia Beach, Virginia, had questions... (read more)

A trans child had enrolled for the summer session, and camp administrators Dave Flagler (he/him) and Nofar Trem (she/her) knew the staff did not know how to support this child. They did their research and joined Shivyon: Keshet’s Equality Project for Jewish Day Camps, where along with camp leaders from across the country, they got answers about how to foster equality and belonging for their LGBTQ+ campers and families.

As summer 2023 approached, Dave and Nofar facilitated conversations with the staff so everyone would be prepared to use the same inclusive language and practices. For example, when a counselor slipped and treated a camper differently because of gender, or when a camper used the word “gay” pejoratively, staff had the tools to respond directly to ensure it would not happen again.

Shivyon also got Nofar excited about the possibilities of the camp’s library, visited daily by kids seeking a quiet moment or counselors collecting books to share at storytime. She completely updated the library with books such as All Kinds of Families and Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress. Due to the book bans and other anti-LGBTQ+ policies in Virginia, the library became one of the only public places many of these children could see themselves reflected.

Youth Programs

Empowering LGBTQ+ Jewish Youth

Keshet fosters environments where LGBTQ+ Jewish youth and allies can thrive. From our in-person Shabbatonim (weekend retreats), to our weekly online programs, to nurturing youth leadership in planning and leading our programs, we carve out space where youth can strengthen their sense of confidence, connection, and pride. Many queer Jewish youth who participate in Keshet programs are growing into the leaders and changemakers our Jewish community—and country—need.

"Without Keshet, my connection to Judaism would be weaker."

Youth Programs by the Numbers


youth engaged in programs


of Keshet Youth Programs were youth-led


of youth report increased ease, confidence, and pride in LGBTQ+ Jewish identity


of youth report that thanks to their leadership in Keshet, they are able to serve as change agents for LGBTQ+ equality in their home communities

“Without Keshet, my connection to Judaism would be weaker. Keshet really allowed me to connect in the Jewish world. Now, I’m actually known as the kid that dances in the back of the synagogue during Shabbat services.”

New York, New York

KESHET IMPACT: After the October 7 attacks... (read more)

Cooper (they/them), a Shabbaton steering committee member from New York City and weekly Keshet Monday Youth Hangouts regular, could tell that the other LGBTQ+ youth in the Hangouts needed additional space to process. So they reached out to Jaimie Krass, Director of Youth Programs, and together they created another virtual space for queer Jewish teens to find support and connection.

In the safety of the Zoom meeting, participants shared what they were feeling, the offensive comments they were getting for being Jewish, their parents not allowing them to walk on campus alone. They helped each other make sense of what was going on. For Cooper, the most impactful moments were when no one was talking, during silent reflection, just having time to think and journal.

Cooper says Keshet has allowed them to flourish as an out and proud queer Jew—like when they marched with Keshet in the NYC Pride Parade with their whole family and when they decided to wear a kippah, even in school where there are very few Jews.

“I felt amazing. I felt beautiful and accepted, and I realized there are SO MANY amazing people in this world, and I finally got a chance to meet many of them in one place. Whenever I feel insecure, I look at pictures from the Shabbaton and remind myself that the people who matter to me in my life will always see the best in me and that’s what’s real.”

Baltimore, Maryland

KESHET IMPACT: For the longest time, Shoshana (she/her), 15, an out lesbian teen from Maryland, never felt that she truly belonged anywhere... (read more)

Whether at school or in Jewish communal spaces, she often felt like the odd one out, like there was no one else like her.

Shoshana first connected with Keshet when she attended our 2023 East Coast Shabbaton. She said that it completely changed her life.

She felt like there was a space where everything just clicked. She met other Jewish LGBTQ+ teens and discovered so many common interests. She didn’t feel excluded and even got to bond about the everyday feeling of being excluded! She’s now using the newfound love for herself and strength she gained from her experience at the Keshet Shabbaton to help her get through high school and life. Shoshana is a member of the 2024 East Coast Shabbaton Steering Committee, her first of what we hope will be many leadership experiences with Keshet.

Community Mobilization

Mobilizing Jewish Communities for LGBTQ+ Rights

As more and more states introduce dangerous anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, Keshet is mobilizing Jewish communities nationwide to fight back. We partner with Jewish organizations to prioritize LGBTQ+ equality within their social justice agendas, as well as with secular LGBTQ+ movement partners to bring the Jewish voice to civil rights campaigns. In 2023, Thrive: the Jewish Coalition to Defend Trans and LGBTQ+ Youth, a partnership of Keshet and SOJOURN, mobilized over 240 Jewish community organizations to fight for LGBTQ+ rights. Together, we are sending a clear message: Our values as Jews compel us to protect and advance the dignity and rights of LGBTQ+ people.

"We’re not going to leave out any part of our community."

Community Mobilization by the Numbers


Jewish community organizations who collectively fought back against attacks on the rights of trans kids with Thrive: the Jewish Coalition to Defend Trans and LGBTQ+ Youth, representing a 35% growth


Jewish community organizations with mobilized members who advocated for LGBTQ+ rights


educational programs provided


inspired people who contacted their legislators to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights

“We’re not going to leave out any part of our community or shy away from talking about the LGBT piece. Having Keshet on board really allowed our coalition to straddle two worlds— Jewish and LGBT—and to speak both languages simultaneously, which has been so important in fighting the Chaplain Bill.”

Emily Bourgeois
Organizer, RAC-TX
Austin, Texas

KESHET IMPACT: Emily Bourgeois (they/she) is the lead organizer of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC) for all of Texas... (read more)

They say it can feel like it’s just them and their Toyota Corolla against the world sometimes, but with 140 pieces of anti- LGBTQ+ legislation proposed in Texas in 2023, there’s a lot of ground to cover.

Keshet—along with other Jewish and interfaith partners—played a key role to prevent an anti-LGBTQ+ bill from becoming policy in several large Texas communities. The Chaplain Bill would allow volunteer religious chaplains to replace counselors in public schools. These religious chaplains tend to hold very narrow views and aren’t supportive of LGBTQ+ students. Each of the 1,200 school districts in Texas had to vote on whether to make this their policy.

Emily grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, in a school district that was majority Mormon. Emily says if the Chaplain Bill had existed in Omaha, “they would have hired a Christian fundamentalist to counsel my nonbinary Jewish self as a high schooler and that would have been terrible.”

Keshet partnered with Emily and RAC-TX to mobilize a coalition of 200 Jewish Texans to educate their communities and advocate at public hearings and school boards on the harmful impact of this bill on both religious freedom and LGBTQ+ students.

And those efforts led to victories: the 25 largest school districts in Texas soundly rejected the Chaplain Bill. Now, the 1.8 million students represented by them— no matter their faith, gender, or sexual orientation—will continue to access qualified support from trained counselors, free from a religious agenda.

“When I’m working with policymakers, it’s so important for there to be a faith voice that’s countering the narrative of the religious Right. When I walk into a legislator’s office and can say that the faith community doesn’t believe in discrimination, and to have someone from Keshet say, ‘I’m here on behalf of the Jewish community saying we don’t believe in anti-LGBTQ policies,’ it’s very meaningful. And it’s not what they are used to hearing. It’s critical for Keshet to keep articulating that voice on the federal and state levels.”

Darcy Hirsh (she/her)
Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy, Interfaith Alliance Washington, D.C.

KESHET IMPACT: In late September, as Congress was negotiating must-pass Fiscal Year 2024 House appropriations bills, there were over 45 anti LGBTQ+ amendments tacked onto these bills... (read more)

Keshet staff, along with the Interfaith Alliance and the National LGBTQ Task Force, met with members of the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. to urge them not to use our civil rights as bargaining chips.

Over two days, we met with members of Congress and their staff, and whether it be in side conversations on their lunch breaks, or wherever we could catch them for a quick chat, we humanized our cause. We shared personal stories and highlighted one crucial fact over and over: the overwhelming majority of people of faith unequivocally support LGBTQ+ equality.

One of the 45 amendments we advocated against stipulated that no Department of Defense funds be used to observe Pride Month. On September 25, it passed by a party-line voice vote—an indicator of how the actual vote might go. On September 26, we doubled down our efforts and met with legislators who had voted yes. We shared with them that their vote does not align with our values. Or the will of the American people.

During the final passage vote on the amendment, every congressperson we engaged with voted NO, and the amendment failed.

Queer Jews of Color

Cultivating Communities of Belonging for LGBTQ+ Jews of Color

In 2023, Keshet prioritized programming and community building for queer Jews of Color (QJOC) by investing in a full-time staff position. As a result, we are now cultivating a growing QJOC community across the country that celebrates and invites people to embrace their full selves within Jewish spaces. We are engaging LGBTQ+ Jews of Color in both online and in-person programs and through resource and content creation. Our staff has also organized educational sessions and materials to galvanize non-QJOC Jewish leaders and organizations to be stronger and more effective allies for LGBTQ+ Jews of Color.

"No one had ever done this before."

“Sitting in a Zoom room together just talking about the Shabbaton, I asked Sage if we could recite the Shehecheyanu blessing. No one had done this before.”


KESHET IMPACT: The way Sage Cassell-Rosenberg (they/he) puts it, “There weren’t enough spaces to just revel in the history of who we are, and the strengths of who we are, in the joy of just building community, of just being Jewish.” (read more)

In 2023, Sage was hired as Keshet’s first Jews of Color Program Manager to create opportunities for LGBTQ+ Jews of Color (QJOC) to come together in vibrant, meaningful community, while also supporting LGBTQ+ Jewish communities to build spaces of true belonging for all.

Sage hit the ground running, taking stock of the existing needs by conducting outreach and building relationships with JOC organizations and leaders, and meeting one-on-one with dozens of queer Jews of Color.

“The thing I heard again and again in my conversations that kept people from feeling a sense of belonging in Jewish communities was the first question they were asked when they walked in the door. Questions like: ‘Are you Jewish?’ ‘Which side of your family is Jewish?’ ‘Did you convert?’” In partnership with other leaders, Sage designed a Shabbaton that took place in early 2024, drawing on art, prayer, and the magic of Shabbat. It was the largest gathering of LGBTQ+ Jews of Color many of them had ever experienced.

Every step in the planning process was a first, every planning conversation holy.

OUTstanding! 2023

On Thursday, November 9, Keshet honored our community’s progress, dignity, and courage.

Financial Highlights: 2023 in Numbers

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Expenses by Department

Investments by Program

A Message from our CEO and Board Chair


Dear Friend,

Eilu v’eilu: Both these and these are true.

As LGBTQ+ Jews and allies, the challenges we faced in 2023 often felt insurmountable. And we are built for such moments. Built to fight back. Built to create communities of belonging and joy. To do and to be what can sometimes feel impossible.

In 2023 we saw more than 500 anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced and the dizzying onslaught continues with more than 400 similarly harmful bills introduced in the first few months of 2024. And we are strong. We continue to grow Thrive: the Jewish Coalition to Defend Trans and LGBTQ+ Youth. Our efforts to mobilize Jews to fight for LGBTQ+ rights are building in Florida, Texas, and Arizona. More than ever, Keshet Youth Programs provide queer Jewish young people what they need not only to survive but to thrive.

This past year, as in past years, attacks on LGBTQ+ people disproportionately targeted LGBTQ+ People of Color. And this year, for the first time, Keshet hired a full-time Jews of Color program manager to cultivate support and joyous community for queer Jews of Color. You’ll have the pleasure of meeting Sage Cassell-Rosenberg and learning more about the program in these pages.

The October 7th attacks in Israel, the ensuing war, and intensifying antisemitism across the country—and the world—have shaken us to our cores. And we remain resolute in our work to foster affirming spaces for LGBTQ+ Jews of all ages, in the Jewish community and beyond, spaces where we all can be our fullest selves.

Yes, it is a dark time. And Keshet persists in our insistence that the Jewish community must stand by and fight for the dignity of all LGBTQ+ people. Amid the dangerous rhetoric and policies cloaked in the name of religion, we work every day, all over the country, to shine a light on all that unifies and strengthens our communities.

2024 will be no different. And 2024 will be very different. The stakes are high. What happens this year will shape our future for years to come. You have been with us every step of the way. Your unflagging partnership and support galvanizes us for the work ahead. Together, we are ready.


Idit Klein Headshot

Idit Klein
President & CEO

Seth Marnin Headshot

Ari Kristan
Chair, Board of Directors

Thank you to our 2023 Supporters!


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“Keshet called to me and David z”l because we were those ungainly teens, loved but knowing we were different. When we each came out, being gay seemed more important than being Jewish. But as young adults and as a couple, we realized that to be our whole selves, we needed to be part of the Jewish community and the gay community. We supported Keshet in the early years as Idit worked to bring a more progressive view of who could be Jewish in the larger community. Acceptance would never have been David’s goal. Full acknowledgement and participation always was. He would say, ‘We belong here, and we’re going to show you why, and how.’”

Cambridge, Massachusetts

You are invited to join Marc in providing generous, multi-year support to sustain Keshet’s youth programs in David’s memory. For information on donating to the David Passer Legacy Fund, reach out to Jon Grabelle Herrmann, Keshet’s Chief Development Officer, at [email protected].



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“Raising Is, a nonbinary trans Thai Jewish kid in Florida, has been joyful and challenging. Keshet has been a place of comfort, inspiration and safety for Is–from Shabbaton participation to team leader work. The professional, emotional and intellectual support of Keshet guides countless LGBTQ+ teens and families towards acceptance and fulfillment. We are so thankful for Keshet.”

New York, New York



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“At eleven years old, our child, who had attended URJ Camp Eisner since she was seven, formally transitioned to her affirmed name and gender. This was more than a decade ago, and it was the first time an overnight Jewish summer camp had faced such a request. Keshet worked with camp leadership to prepare a welcoming environment. Later that year, The Forward published ‘How one transgender camper helped shape the entire Reform movement.’ That camper was Hannah. Keshet made it possible.”

Hamden, Connecticut



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Rabbi Lori Shaller and Matt Pelikan

Rabbi Daniel Shapiro and Rabbi Max Chaiken

Rabbi Judith Siegal

Dr. Jenny Siegel and Dr. Elizabeth Ferrenz

Jodie Siegel

Riva Silverman and Abram Heisler

Rabbi Todd Silverman

Nina Simon and Robert Rosenthal

Drs. Michael Slater and Shoshana Elkin Waskow

Hana Snow

Myra and Robert Snyder

Jill Sodafsky and Julie Finkelstein

Emily and Jay Solomon

Michael Sonduck and David Zeligson

Dr. Norman Spack and Dr. Judith Feldman

Rabbi Jonah Steinberg


Synchrony Matching Gifts Program

Temple Anshe Hesed (Erie, PA)

Temple Beth El of Boca Raton

Temple Beth Zion (Brookline,

Temple Israel (Memphis, TN)

Temple Ohabei Shalom
(Brookline, MA)

Temple Solel (Hollywood, FL)

Toast.org Matching Gift Program

Martin Tobias and Robert Marx

Michael W. Twitty and Taylor Keith 

Rachel Umlas

Rabbi Lisa Vinikoor and Alyssa Finn

Rabbi Andrew Vogel and Martha Hausman

Eliana Vornov

Richard Wagner

James Wallack and Rebecca Matthews

Jennifer Wallen

Shaina Wasserman

Adam Weisberg

Rabbi Elaine Zecher and Dr. David Eisenberg

Harvey Zuckman and Phil Oxman

“Keshet has been an important and dedicated partner in promoting equity and fostering a sense of belonging for everyone in the Jewish community, especially Jews of color who identify as LGBTQ. The Weinberg Foundation is proud to support its mission and efforts to create a more inclusive future that celebrates the rich diversity of the Jewish people.”




Rabbi Laura Abrasley and Julie Childers

Pam Adelstein and Michael Weissmann

Lisa Adler

Jaime Alberts

Ira Alkalay and Mindy Scharlin

Honore Allen

Rabbi Jaymee Alpert and Danny Kischel

Linda and David Altshuler

AmazonSmile Foundation

Loen Amer

Bill Amplo and Bill Snellenberger

Apple Matching Gifts Program

Andy Austin and Michael Sonberg

Tracy Babcock

Edward and Ellen Bakal

Rabba Aliza Libman Baronofsky

Charles Barsky

Ann Bauman and Kelly Thiemann

Jessica Bennett and Stephanie Burt

Miriam Berkowitz-Blue and Phillip Blue

The Bisgrove Family

Susan and Mariano Blanco

Jacob Blumenthal and Rabbi Marci Harris-Blumenthal

Peter Bokor

Susan and Steve Bookbinder

Carrie and Jamie Bornstein

Cantor Alan Brava and Souksavat Soukhaseum

Dr. Lynne Brodsky

Alexander Brown

Andrew and Gail Brown

Rabbi Micah Buck

California Institute of Integral Studies

Benjamin Chaim

Beth Cobert and Adam Cioth

Congregation B’nai Israel (Galveston, TX)

Congregation B’nai Moshe (West Bloomfield, MI)

Jon Cohen Corp and Kevin Corp

Kathy and Lino Covarrubias

Paul Croft

Rabbi Charlie and Adena Cytron-Walker

Jessica Daniels and Paul Blackborow

Lynn Davis and Chance Agrella

Philip Deitch

Dell Technologies

Zane Diamond

Elisheva and Tobias Dienstfrey

Deena Disraelly

Dr. Leigh and Leslie Dolin

Gail Donner

Dr. Samuel Dorf and Dr. Maria Kisel

Joshua Driesman

James Dweck

Bonnie Eisenman

Gavriel Elkind and Gary Alpert

Rabbi Barat Ellman and Jay Golan

Everyday Jewish Mom

Sanford and Susan Fain

Mark Farber and Sherry Katz

Jessica Ferrari

Fife Family Foundation

Debra and Allen Fineberg

Ellie Fischman

FayeRuth Fisher

James Fishon and Sean Roe

Stewart Fleishman and Bruce Radler

Martin and Helen Flusberg

Dr. Janet Freedman and Andy Peppard

Dr. Ralph B. Freidin

Melissa and Akiva Friedman

Rabbi Ronne and Irene Friedman

Carrie Fuchs and Gary Girzon

Michal and Steffen Fuller

Mark Gennerman and Michael Penn

Karen and Matt Abrams Gerber

Roger Gindi and Gregory Victor

Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg

Amy Goldman

Jay Goldstein and Marc Matlin

B Gonzalez-Lesser

Google Matching Gift Program

Sally Gottesman

Daniel and Emily Gottlieb

Tania Gray

Julie Greenberg and Ronald Chaney

Leslie Greher

Emma Grinblatas

Rachel Gutin

Rabbi Susan Harris

Norman Hartstein and Robert Switzer

Dr. Caroline Grace Helton and Matthew Kaplan

Moss Herberholz

Thea Hillman

Erica Hobby

Neal Hoffman and Andrew Ingall

Keith and Rachel Hofmann

Heidi Holland and Ivy Brackup

Jenny and Franklin Homer

Rabbi David and Toby Horowitz

Laura Horwitz and Guy Friedman

Samara Hutman

Rabbi Shirley Idelson


J Street

Rabbi David Jaffe and Janette Hillis-Jaffe

Judea Reform Congregation (Durham, NC)

Nancy Kahn

Rabbi Samantha Kahn

Rabbi Yoel Kahn and Dan Bellm

Carol and Alan Kamin

Barbara Kaufmann

Kathy Kaufmann

Rabbi Noah Kitty

Susan and Morris Klein

Susan Knoppow and David Saperstein

Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation (Deerfield, IL)

Rabbi Ashira Konigsburg and Rabbi Tim Bernard

Rabbi Isabel de Koninck and Rabbi Roni Handler

Rabbi Claudia Kreiman

Scott Kressner

Ellen LaPointe

Sophie Lee

Rabbi Michele Lenke and Rachel Goldman

Beth Lenkey

Dr. Adam Lessne

Melanie and Hope Levav

Robert Levers and Peggy Levitt

Rabbi Daniel Levin

Marjorie Levin

Shira and Jim Levin

Meira Levinson

Jennifer Levin-Tavares

Linda Levine and David Buseck

Michael Levy

Amy Lewin

Barbara and Jerry Lewin

Rachie Lewis and Liz Aeschlimann

Barry Lieber

Analucia Lopezrevoredo and Kevin Berrebi

JD Lorenzo and Todd Moritz

Jennifer Lotsoff

Mark Lovich

Stephanie Lowitt and Mason Weintraub

Jane Lynch

Judy and Stuart Madnick

Barbara and Alan Marcum

Jennifer and Michael Markovitz

Shelley Marlow

Susan Marks

Danya Martin

Jessica Matsumoto

Joshua Matz and Hillel Smith

Samara Metzler

Vered Meir

Barbara Meislin/Purple Lady Fund

Perry and Josh Melzer

Sam Mendales and Judy Rakowsky

Deborah Meyer

Carol B. Michael

Rabbi Goldie Milgram

Modern Jewish Couples/Temple Shalom of Newton

Elaine Moise and Robert Grodsky

Kaden Mohamed

Rabbi Jim Morgan and Michele Baker

Tamara Moscoe and Eric Petersiel

Mount Zion Temple (St Paul, MN)

Rabbi Beth Naditch and Mr. Barry Freedman

Joan Neal and David Weisbach

Jodi Nemser-Abrahams

Rabbi Jessica Dell’Era Nussbaum and Rabbi Leah Nussbaum

Nancy Peavy

Lisa Peckler and Bruce Feldstein

Mindy and Max Peckler

Peninsula Temple Sholom (Burlingame, CA)

Drs. Susan H. Picker and Burt Goldberg

P’nai Or Jewish Renewal Congregation of Philadelphia

Rabbi Joel Pitkowsky

Rabbi Gayle Pomerantz

Rabbi Michael Pont, Marlboro Jewish Center (Marlboro, NJ)

Regene and Dr. Kenneth Prager


Tamar Prager and Dr. Arielle Freedberg

Francesca Sterlacci Purvin

Rabbi Joshua Rabin and Rabbi Yael Hammerman

Lily Rabinoff-Goldman and Hillel Greene

Rabbi Elana Rabishaw

Ellen Rapkin

Paula Rayman

Ari and Shira Reeves

David and Moshe Refaeli-Berman

Mark Reisman

Dahlia Rockowitz

Mercedes Rogayan Ari Rosen and Elaine Klein

Al Rosenberg and Mollie Anderson

Rabbi Tracee and Keren Rosen-Goldberg

Kenneth Rosenstein and Saundra Epstein

Karen Rothman and Gordon Manning

Gideon and Jeryl Rothschild

Alissa and Danny Rozansky

AJ Rubineau

Rabbi J.B. Sacks and Steven Karash

Rachel and Morry Safer

Diane Sandoval

Rabbi Kyle Savitch

Elizabeth Scafidi

Joan Schloop

Andrea Schuver

Ellen Scott

Ellery Scott

Tamar Selch

Dr. Sara and Bennett Shenker

Gail Sherman and Family Tzedakah

Matthew Sherman

Cindy Shulak-Rome and Dan Rome

Rob Siegel

Reb. Jhos Singer and Julie Batz

Vicki Singer

Marshall and Deborah Skolnick Einhorn

Stephen Skrainka

Susannah Skyer

Sara Smolover and Larry Kraus

Eli Sobel

Rabbi Matthew and Nicole

Vengrove Soffer

Dean Solomon and Judy Katz

Amy Spar

Tova Sperber and Ken Sperber, MD

Amy Spitalnick

Gabriella Spitzer and Sandy Johnston

Rabbi Toba Spitzer

Abbie Statsky-Frank and Scott Frank

Ryan Steinberg

Rabbi Rachel Steiner

Rabbi Gil Steinlauf

Rabbi Joshua and Tali Strom

Gila Svirsky and Judy Kirshner

The Synopsys Foundation

Dr. Susie Tanchel and Jen Kaplan

Mia and Ethan Tavan

Temple Adas Shalom – The Harford Jewish Center (Havre de Grace, MD)

Temple Beth Avodah (Newton, MA)

Temple Emanuel of Greater New Haven Religious School

Temple Isaiah (Lexington, MA)

Mitchell and Brenda Tobin

Roger Tobin and Bonnie Payne

Tammy Trachtenberg

Susan Tuchman and Howard Homonoff

Karel Visser

Tammy Wagner

Kai Wallace

Jennifer Weber and Laurence Bailen

Adriana Wechsler

Arnold and Eileen Weinberg

Jean Weinberg

Sherri Weintrop

Alex Weisler and Rabbi Alex Braver

Jordan Weiss

Susan and Howard Weiss

Eve Wenger

James Edward Fischel Wiggins

Debra and Richard Winer

Lauren Wolchok and Kyam Krieger

Margo and Charles Wolfson

Mark and Rabbi Mara Young

Robin J. and Sam Young

Rebecca Youngerman and Mark Aronson

Rabbi Barbara Zacky

Sandra and Edward Zaritt

Adele Zerman

Elizabeth Ziff

Daniel and Tamara Zimmerman

“As a family with two dads living in Florida, finding inclusive Jewish spaces is more important than ever. Keshet is working every day to make it easier for families like ours, and we are indebted to Keshet and its staff for their advocacy and programming in our state. We have seen firsthand the impact that Keshet has made for our family, and we are proud to support their continued good work.”

Boca Raton, Florida

Up to $180


RebeccaJo Abelman

Danit Abishour

Debra Abolafia and Nancy Cook

James Abrams and Thomas Chiang


Eric Adelman

Cheryl Adelstein

Hilly Adler

Richard Adler

Alejandro Alaniz

Ruth Alderson

Cecilia Alkalay

Elizabeth Allen

Marni Allen

Nathan Allison

Janice Alpert

Rabbi Thomas Alpert and Ms. Eileen Hagerty

Amram Altzman and Rabbi Jamie Weisbach

Cameron Amstater

Eden Anolick

Rabbi Victor Appell and Colin Hogan

Nacer Arabshahi

Karen Aroesty

Frances Aron

Jodi Asarch

Sandy and Ron Ashendorf

Jeffrey Auman

Susan Azizo

Cecilia Bachana

Beth and Adam Badik

Paul and Debra Bahner

Ruth Balinsky

Lynne Ballesta

Sara Barcan

Peter Barrer

Miranda Barzey

Avram Baskin and Marjorie White Baskin

Robin Baslaw and Susan Smith

Carole and Paul Bass

Rabbi Jordana and Seth Battis

Herbert Baum

Marty Becker and Rabbi Shelley Kovar Becker

Bernard and Sonia Beekman

Kira Epstein Begal

Catya Belfer

Loren Belforti

Anne-Cecile Bellisario

Rabbi Laura Bellows

Rabbi Marci Bellows

Rabbi Allen Bennett

Ricardo Ben-Safed

Geri Berg and The Ron

Dr. Melanie and Ryan Berg

Heather Bergman

Rabbi Audrey Marcus Berkman and Rabbi Jethro Berkman

Beth Berkowitz and Joshua Henkin

Cheryl and Arnie Berlin

Judy and Jan Berman

Marc Berman

Ruthie Berman and Connie Kurtz z”l

Ed and Diane Bernbaum

Ruby Berney

Eve Bernfeld

Victoria Bernier

Alyx Bernstein and Jord Barnett

Holly Bernstein

Lisa P. and Jeffrey Bernstein

Marc Bernstein

Sophia Bernstein and Adam Robinson

Linda Bertozzi

Dr. Leona Bessonova and Mrs. Guimel DeCarvalho

Bet Mishpachah (Washington, DC)

Beth Hillel Temple (Kenosha, WI)

Andrea and Sam Bitton

Jamie Allen Black

Lauren M. Bloom

Sylvia Bloom and Mihai Buretea

Rebecca Blouwolff

Rabbi Adena Blum

Allie Blum

Karin and Jerry Blum

Karen Blumenfeld and Andrew Nierenberg

Dr. Christina and Adam Bobrow

Rebecca Boggs and Michael Wenthe

Meri Bond and Jennifer Gilman

Wendy Bordelove

Myriam Bostwick

Evie and Peter Bramson

Alan and Joyce Lynn Branfman

Alex Breitman

Alex Brenon-Hodas

Shua Brick

Jeremy Brochin and Reena Spicehandler

Ronnie Brockman

Brielle Broder

Miriam Brosseau

Gloria Brown

Michelle Brown

Rhea and Ronald Brown

Rabbi Joel Buchband

Karl Buchberg and Patrick Cooney

Cooper Bennett Burt

Claire and Daniel Caine

Jeanne Calloway and Rabbi Isaac Saposnik

Fern Cammy

Jay Campbell

Debra Caplan

Judy Caplan

Rebecca Carin

Debbi and Nick Carnes

Rabbi David and Jonathan Shmidt Chapman

Shai Cherry

Lindsey Clark

Caitlin Clason

Rabbi Sharon and Jason Clevenger

Benjamin Cline and Baya Walls

Aimee Close

Leslie Cogan

David Cohen

Dr. Elaine R. S. Cohen

Rabbi Heidi Cohen

Judah Cohen

Lanie Cohen

Leora Cohen and Joel Levenson

Libby Cohen

Martin and Helen Cohen

Yitzchak Cohen

Ken Collinson

Congregation Beth Or (Maple Glen, PA)

Congregation Beth Shalom (Northbrook, IL)

Congregation Etz Chaim (Lombard, IL)

Angela Conn

Glynis Conyer

Elizabeth Cooper

Jeff Costa and Howard Klein

Crane Lake Camp (URJ)

Rabbi Meryl Crean

Rabbi Menachem Creditor and Neshama Carlebach

Sen. Cynthia and Harvey Creem

Jon Cross

Micah and Megan Culpepper

Susan Cummings-Lawrence

Sydney Curran

Frank Cusack

Lizabeth Cutler

Michael and Debbie Daniels

Naomi Danis

Antonia Dapena-Tretter

Leona Dashkoff

Jordan Dashow

Flora and Aryeh Davidson

Aviva Davis

Loris De Blasio

Amanda DeCesare

Bennett Decker

David and Carole Decter

Miki and Jerry DeFrancesco

Rob Dekoven

Caitlin Deliso

Autumn Dennis

Amy and Dan Deutsch

Mindy Sager Dickler

Dignity Boston

Donna Dimery

Eliana Dobres

Robert Dobrusin

Erika Donahue

Joseph Donahue

Margaret Dondero

Ira and Shelli Dorf

Caroline Dorn

Jill Douglas

Nicole Druckman

Renee M. Ducker

Noah Duckett

Martine Duffy

Zinovy Dunigan

Lorraine Eason

Ariel Edery

Sapphira Edgarde

Noam Efergan

Deborah Eichhorn

Vanessa Eisemann and Catherine Whiting

Judah Eisner

Lucia Eixarch

Rabbi Marc Ekstrand

Rafi Ellenson

Jacob Elspas

Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell and Nurit Shein

Nini Engel and Neil Actor

Paige Enke

Jerry and Hon. Ellen Esrick

Lisa Exler and Elie Kaunfer

Robyn Faintich

Anne Falk

Rabbi Susan Falk

Rabbi Joan and Andy Farber

Susan Farber

Victoria Farber

Ellen Feingold

Barbara Feinstein

Jacqueline and Valerie Fein-Zachary

Laurie and Joel Feinstein

Paul Felckowski

Coren Feldman

Judy Fensterman

Paul Fernandez

Meredith Ferrell

Rabbi Zev-Hayyim Feyer

Johanna Fine

Dennis and Rona Fischman

Brynna Fish

Prof. Joni Fishman

Dr. Howard and Jody Fixler

Abby Flam

Judith Florence and Bruce Mann

Rabbi Arye Fohrman and Andrew Belinfante

Rabbi Betsy Forester

Deborah Forman

Corey Fox

Emily Fox

Dr. Randy and Robert Fox

Steven Fraade and Ellen Cohen

Riley Fraigun

Brian Frank

Dr. Laura Frank and Bob Dromboski

Joani Frankel

Leonard Frankel

Nancy Frankel and Mary Atwell

Nina Frankel

Susan and Larry Freedman

Marjorie and Leonard Freiman

Dana Friedman

Scott Friedman

Helene Fromm and Julian Kalkstein

Jonathan Funk

Staci and David Gambach

Rabbi Ilana Garber and Adam Berkowitz

Miriam and Dov Gardin

Stacie Garnett

Tamar Gasko

Hilary Gelfond and Mika Gross

Gillian Geller

Marian Geller

Rabbi Myron S. and Eileen Geller

B. Getter

Marc and Jessica Gidal

Susan North Gilboa and Rami Gilboa

Sarah Gill

Amanda Gillespie

Laura Anne Gilman

Joshua Gilstein

Myron Ginsberg

David Ginsborg and Elisa Koff-Ginsborg

Rob Gips and Karen Harris

Darin Givens

Kelley Gludt

Denise Gold

Yonah Gold

Chayn Goldberg

Gary Goldberg

Harriet Goldberg

Leslie Goldberg

Rachel Goldberger

Natalie Goldfein

Priscilla Golding and Barbara Burg

Hilary Goldman

Laurie Goldman

Pearl Goldman

Susan and Marc Goldman

Rabbi Megan and Paige GoldMarche

Ilia Goldshtein

Madison Goldstein

Cantor Sharon and Steven Goldstein

Yelena Goltsman and Barbara Freedman

Gittel and Nachman Goodman

Rabbi Mark Asher Goodman

Cindy Goodman-Leib and Scott Leib

Emily Goodstein and Ron Kelly

Sandy Sahar Gooen

Allyson Goose

Sharon Gorberg

Gali Gordon

Jordana Horn Gordon

Randy and Nancy Gorod

Ruth and Gregg Gorrin

Tamar and Marshal Granor

Greater Good Strategy

Alexis Greenberg

Izzi Greenberg

Eitz Greenberger

Elysa Greenblatt and Russell Lerner

Maya Greenstein

Judy and Joe Gross

Sherry Grossman and Allen Spivack

Terri Grossman

Amy Gup

Mira Gutoff

Helene Haapala and Connie Martin

Sherry Hahn and James Hill

Ken Hailpern

Kenneth Hailpern

Lisa Halpern

Illyana Hamicksburg

Amy Hammerman

Stephanie Handel and Madeleine Remez

Larry Hanover

Andrew Harding

Jessica Harrell

Cheryl and Jay Harris

Erica Harris

Erika Harris

Ramin Hassan

Michael Hauptman

Bonnie Hausman

John Hawkins

Laura Hegfield

Megan Henderson

Alan Henkin and Susana Castillo

William Herbert and Marvin Glyder

Rabbi Elizabeth B. Hersh

Dr. Phyllis Hersch

Yael and Lee Hershfield

Richard and Sylvia Weinert Hewlett

Noa Heyman

Hillel Council of New England

Mark and Judy Hoffman

Abby and Jeremiah Holmes

Peyton Holubeck

Mark Homyk

Becca Hopkins

Jon and Erika Hornstein

Abby Horowitz

Muriel W. Horowitz

Robert and Sue Housman

Roy Huebner

Rachel Hutt and Nikki Marks

Laura and Scott Hyman

IBM Employee Services

Jo Icaza

Stacey and Daniel Isaacs

Shira Isenberg

Jo and Jon Ivester

Marie-Louise Jackson-Miller

Myra Jacobs and Michael Fuchs

Dr. Gwen and Dan Jacobsohn

Rabbi Suzie Jacobson and JoJo Schwartz Jacobson

Joey Jaroslawicz

Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston

Sheila Johnston

Marvin Kabakoff

Joanna Kabat and David Castle

Julian Kadesh

Michael Kalb and Brian Heng

Rabbi Jeremy and Amy Kalmanofsky

Rodger and Moira Kamenetz

Rita Kanne

Lynnsie Kantor

Eleanor Kaplan

Martha Kaplan

Talia Kaplan

Wendy and Hank Kaplowitz

Ryan Karben

Mitchell J. Kardon

Rabbi Lawrence Karol

Maya Kattler-Gold

Nechama Katz and Serena Shapiro

Michael Katz and family

Sharyn Katz

Stephen Ruby Katz

Ari and Jennifer Kaufmann

Judith Kaufmann and George Moose

Henry and Laurie Kay

Susan Kay and David Baron

Don Kaye

Eytan Kessler

Maria and Steven Kessler

Michael Kharfen

Linda and Brian Kingsbury

Laura Kinley and Kelli Lent

Kevin Kirkpatrick

Rebecca Kirsch

Dr. Philip Klapper and Elissa Kraut Klapper

Rabbi Daniel and Jen Klein

Rabbi Margaret Frisch Klein and Simon Klein

Pamela Klein

Alice Knowles and KathyAnn Gianino

Michael Kohn

Robin Kohnhorst

Rabbi Neil Kominsky

Charles Koplik and Sue Tafler

Michele Koppelman

Leah Kopperman and Rabbi Valerie Lieber

Michael and Joan Korenblit

Rebecca and Aaron Kotok

Chananya Kozlovsky

Rozann Kraus and Daniel Epstein

Susan Krauss

Taylor Krauss

Rebecca Kreutzer

Rabbi Jeremy Kridel

Robert Kunikoff

Jeanney Kutner

Ben Labovitz and Stephen Cohen

Dr. Joy Ladin and Dr. Elizabeth Denlinger

Rabbi Susan Laemmle and John Antignas

Meir Lakein and Orit Kent

Marc Lamb

Eve Landau

Susan Landau-Van Dyke

Benjamin Landman and Jen Feldman

Sally and Joe Lang

Marci R. and David Laurvik

Max Leader

Abigail Lederer

Celis Lee

Rick Lerner

Gerald Levin

Mia Levin

Lisa Levine

Susan Levine

Rabbi Judd and Dr. Hillary Kruger Levingston

Becca Levitt

Barry Levy

David Levy and Keit Schumann

Jesse Levy

Natalie Levy

Sara Levy

Yonit Levy

Gabriel Lewenstein

Jacob Lewis

Meredith Lewis

Zev Lewis

Jacqueline and Fred Lieberberg

Michael Lieberman

Jill Linder

Jane Lippow

Arthur and Judy Lipton

Karyn and Mitch Liss

Kenneth Liss and Jill Feblowitz

Karen Loewy and Rabbi David Widzer

Devonshire Lokke

Dina London

Michelle Love

Liz Lowy

Katherine Lynn

B. Lynne Schwartz

Mamaleh’s Delicatessen

Todd Mancini

Sally Mandler

Joan Manheimer and Stewart Gabel

Beth Mann

Sherie Mar-Chaim

David and Emily Marcovitz

Kimberly Marcus

Stephanie Marcus

Rabbi Randall Mark

Albert and Rabbi Rachel Marks

Marlboro Jewish Center (Marlboro, NJ)


Ellen and Stuart Masters

Aliza Mazor

Rachel Mazor

Ellen Mazow

Caitlin McLaughlin

Allison and Robert McLean

Lisa McNerney

Prof. Natan Meir

Gav Meiri

Yosef Espina Mendoza

Ann Merical

Jules and Ruth Mermelstein

Barry Mesch

Dr. Paul Miller

Bill Mindlin

Carra Minkoff

Tova Mirvis

Dr. Marilyn Mishaan

Lindsey Moreno

Paula Morris and Deb Hyman

Robin D. Morris

Minna Scherlinder Morse and Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb

Gail Moskowitz

Laura Moskowitz and Robin Shore

Steven and Arielle Mossberg

Joyce Murdoch

Beth and Behrooz Nazer

Brittany Nehmen

Agnes Neiger and Shulamis Lieber

Eve Neiger

Debra Neiman

Sara Lynn Newberger and Barbie Levine

Addie New-Schmidt

Leandra Nichola and Family

Mark Nimar

Dr. Katie Nix

William Northup

Rabbi George Nudell and Liba Casson-Nudell

Daniel Nussbaum

Okun Kalamazoo Community Jewish School


Brenda Olson

Jan Oosting

Karin and Jamie Orenstein

Claire Osinoff

Kate Passow

David Peck

Rabbi Allison Peiser

Geri Pell

Bernard and Raylea Pemstein

Cathie and Gary Perolman

Sandra and Donald Perrin

Paul Peterson

Jill Petschek

Jennifer Phillips

David Picker

Francine Pickus

Daniel Pincus

Christine Piotrow

David Pistrang and Mitchell Luu

Dr. Judith Plaskow and Dr. Martha Ackelsberg

Debs Plotzker

Drs. Irene and Richard Plotzker

Prof. Arthur Plutzer

Devon Pohl

Charles Polep

Bonnie Pollack

Rabbi Sam Pollak

Stephen Pollard

Alex Polyak

Kristy Poteat

Rabbi JoHanna Potts

Lemuel Pouros

Andrea Presberg and Jackie Miller

Judith Price

Prudential Matching Gifts Program

Chana Prus

Ashley Quinn

Rabbi Discretionary Fund Congregation Agudat Achim (Schenectady, NY)

Rachel and Daniel Rabin

Sofya Rabinovich

David and Linda Rabinowitz

Janet Raffel and Rabbi David Sandmel

Thomas Raffin

Noémie Rak

Maggid Eli Andrew Ramer

Alexia Ramos

Jason Randall

Reconstructionist Synagogue of the North Shore (Plandome, NY)

Firkins Reed and Dennis Barr

Theodore Reff and Barbara Divver

Shua Reinstein

Anneka Reiter

Anthony Reiter

Fern and Ginny Remedi-Brown

Arlene Remz

Susan and Franklin Richard

Elise and Barry Richman

Roz Richter

Annette Roberts

Bree and Ed Robin

Susan and Chris Rocca

Meri-Jane Rochelson and Joel Mintz

Kyle Rodriguez

Lisa Rogerson

Sarah Rolle

Alison Rollman

Caroline Romash

Rabbi Yaacov and Nina Rone

Jaxson Rosenberg

Cantor Dara Rosenblatt

Navah Rosenblatt

Lisa Rosenfeld and Alan Lobovits

Maayan Rosenfield

Lori Rosner

Rochelle and Stuart Rossman

Sam and Terry Roth

Jill Rothstein

Kenneth Rubel and Alane Marks

Prof. Robin Rubin

Brian Rubin-Sowers

Francesca Rubinson

Leland Rudofsky

Eitan Runyan

Elias and Cantor Elizabeth Sacks

Carol Sacon

Rachel Sagaser

Emily Snyder Samuels

Susan Sapiro and Lewis Polishook

Adam Schaffer and Melissa Sandler

Cliff and Gail Schechter

Rabbi Susan Schein

Emily Scheinberg

Brad Schenerman

Cantor Robert and Susie Scherr

Tanya Schevitz

Simone Schicker

Karen Schiller

Rabbi Janine Schloss

Barbara Schneider

Jennifer Schneider

Will Schneider

Allison Schnipper

Solvej Schou

Linda Schroeder

Dara Schur and Miye Goishi

Adena Schutzberg

Jessica Rezak Schwab and Yoni Schwab

Adam Schwartz and Shira Danan

Deborah Schwartz

Fayla Schwartz

Shmulie Schwartz

Eugene Schweig and Lisa Kanter

Beverlee Sclar

Donna Segal

Ruth Kertzer Seidman

Carrie Seligman

Ralph Seligman

Dr. Robin Septon

Yona Shahar

Jonathan Shamay-Draluck and Oren Shamay Draluck

Lester Shane

Alan Shapiro

Howard and Eileen Shapiro

Matthew Sheedy and Alice Greenberg-Sheedy

Tilly and Or Shemer

Bruce Shenitz

Elisheva Sherman

Galina Sheynberg

Jerrold Shien

Lisa and Bill Sholk

Matthew Shuman

Ronnie and Steve Sichel

Barbara and Alan Sidman

Dr. David Siegel and Dr. Nancy Lazarus

Jane and Ben Siegel

Malka Sigal

Rachel Silber

Dr. Mark Silk

Jerry and Arleen Silverlieb

Arthur Silverman

Hannah Silverman

Lynn and Rob Silverman

Mitch Silverman

Renee Silverstein

Richard Simons

Samantha Simons

Cynthia and Eric Singer

Louis and Abby Singer

Mary Lee and Louie Sirkin

Myrna and Len Sirowitz

Rabbi Scott Slarskey and Rabbi Tracy Nathan

Michael and Janet Slifer

Carole Slipowitz and Daniel Halbert

Marsha and Marc Slotnick

Glenn and Juli Sloves

Alex Smith

Cheryl Smith

Laurilee Smith

Lori Smith

Maisie, Steve, and Robin Smith

Jill Smudski

Rose Snitz

Hila Snyder

Laurie Solens

Maddie Solomon

Ben Solomon-Schwartz and David Tessler

Carlie Somerville

Paula Sommer

Martin Sonkin

Sandra Sostrin

Suzy Sostrin

Eliza Sparkes

Roni Spetalnick

Glenda Speyer

Francine Spigel

Gilda and Samuel Spinat

Jennifer Spitzer

Rabbi Brent Chaim and Alison Spodek

Jonathan Springer

Andrea Stagg

Duvi Stahler

Juliet and Birger Stamperdahl

Ellen Steinbaum and James Dalsimer

Yari Steinfeld

Rabbi Lane and Linda Steinger

Evan Stern

Brett and Noah Stern

Larry Sternberg and Sara Abramovitz

Nancy and Norman Stoff

Connie and Bob Stolow

Nora Stolzman and Sam Trulli

Lisa Stone and Scott Cantor

David Strauss and Joyce Krensky

Dr. Carl Streed Jr.

Michael Stutzman

Robert Sullaway

Shifra Sunshine

Jennifer Swanson

Lili Swift

Rabbi Barbara Symons

Jimmy Taber and Rabbi Mia Simring

Mari Tarantino and Meg Quint

Selma Telles

Temple Beth Torah (Fremont, CA)

Temple Sinai of Roslyn (Roslyn Heights, NY)

Amy Teplow and Mindy Rice

Rabbi Ravid and Yaffa Tilles

Rabbi Stefan Tiwy

Darlene and Bob Torio

Andrea Trivax

Susan Tubbesing

Harve Tucker

Cantor Ann Turnoff

Alan and Lisa Tuttle

Melissa Tye

Carol Ungar

Ilene Ungerleider and Alex Pirie

Juan Pablo Uribe

Alastor Van Kleeck

Jenn Varian

Orly Vaughn

Valerie Verhas-Toskin

Garry Vickar

Shira Vickar-Fox and Jonathan Fox

Shelley and Dr. Leonard Victor

Heather and Michael Vidmar-McEwen

Blake Voss

Valerie Wald

Shayna Warner

Skylar Washburn

Gayle and Jay Waxenberg

Leona Wayser

Buck Weaver

Philip Webber

Nancy Weigley

Colin A. Weil and Stella Skolnik-Weil

Gail Weinbrum

Nicole Weinbrum

Rabbi Jennifer Weiner and Jeffrey Sachs

Sandy Weiner

Douglas and Judith Weinstock

Tammy and Robert Weiser

Dr. Daniel and Cheri Weiss

Leesa Weiss

Rabbi Michael Weiss

Marcia and Herb Weller

Christopher Wetmore

Lawrence Wexler

David Wheaton

Rebecca Widom

Marla Wiener and Ira Adelman

Rabbi Nancy H. Wiener and Judith Tax

Elisha Wiesel

Marilyn and Gary Wind

Paul Winkler

Jasmine Gothelf Winship and Rabbi David G. Winship

Rabbi Irvin and Kathy Wise

Mollie Witenoff

Howard Wolfe

Prof. Jeremy Wolfe and Prof. Julie Sandell

Elizabeth Wolfson

Diane Wormser

Nina Wouk and Jessie Ap’Neva

Sarah and Matthew Wulf

Lori-Ann Wynter

Yahelle Yaccoby

Jeremy Yamin

Eric and Dava Yanoff

Alaina, Charles, and Olivia Yoakum

Giselle Youngblood

Jane Zande and Jeff Smith

Phillip Ziegler

Steven Zimmerman and Laurie Ross

Brenna Zonick-Wootten

Rabbi Henry and Barbara Zoob

Zoom Corporate

Deena Zucker

Deena Zuckerman