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Tu B’Av and (Self) Love July 27, 2015 Tu B’Av may be considered a minor Jewish holiday, but it feels especially appropriate to recognize in light of the recent SCOTUS decision for marriage equality. Tu B’Av commemorates the day peace was restored in Israel when the young women…
Workplace Discrimination is Barred: The Work for LGBTQ Equality Continues July 17, 2015 This week the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission declared that workplace discrimination against LGBTQ employees is barred, citing Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This decision applies to employment only, and does not…
Legal Justice vs. Social Justice: Keep Pushing Forward July 7, 2015 On June 26th, the United States’ LGBT+ community and its allies celebrated a monumental victory when same-sex marriage was deemed a constitutional right in all 50 states. Across the country, streets filled with rainbow flags and celebratory…

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Jewish Community Pledge

In response to the devastating spate of LGBT teen suicides, Keshet launched “Do Not Stand Idly By: A Jewish Community Pledge to Save Lives.”

Over 11,000 individual Jews and more than 1,000 Jewish organizations signed the pledge.

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August 14, 2015 Gallery Talk: Greil Marcus and the Interpretive Genius of Amy Winehouse

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