We Need Each Other

June 7, 2023

By Jon Grabelle Hermann

It is Pride month, a time which usually fills me with joy and hope.Yet I need to be honest: right now, I am writing from an emotional place of fury.

So many of us feel the devastating effects of the 500 anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced in 46 states this year, with dozens passing into law and causing intense harm and confusion. As a parent of a trans teen, I worry about their future livelihood.

As angry as I am, it helps to remind me that what we are doing together matters. As Jews, we are raising our voice to demand our rights and dignity and mobilizing Jewish community to take action with us. We are making it possible for young LGBTQ+ people to be seen and shape their own futures. And we are helping the Jewish community be a place where our LGBTQ+ members and families have a vibrant home. 

I cannot be more proud to be in community with you through Keshet, especially right now. And I invite you to donate to Keshet today, so we can be here for each other.

Please donate today to Keshet to build community and advance equality. Through our Pride Matching Challenge, new and increased gifts in 2023 will be fully matched until we reach $100,000. Learn more about how your gift makes a difference.

With a feeling of joy, alongside a determined resistance to those who would deny it,

Happy Pride!

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