Who is invited to submit to the project?

LGBTQ+ Jews between the ages of 13 and 24 are invited to submit content inspired by siddurim and Shabbat.

What is the best format to submit?

You can submit art in the form of images, written pieces, videos, or music. For more information please visit our submissions guide!

Can I submit anonymously?

Absolutely! We will ask a series of questions on the submission form, including what you grant us permission to do with your creation, where it appears (e.g., our website and social media), and what name (if any) you’d like us to attach to it.

What kind of topics can my submission be about?

We want to hear about your experience being Jewish and LGBTQ+, and we welcome other aspects of your identity as well. We celebrate the experiences and art of Jews of Color, Jews by choice, disabled Jews, and Jews from multifaith backgrounds.

Will I be compensated for my submission?

As an expression of appreciation for your participation, we will provide a gift card. Please be in touch with any questions!

What are some prompts to help me get started?

  • How do you embody a prayer? How do you imagine your relationship with any specific prayer?
  • Are there any special memories for you connected to a prayer?
  • Are there any prayers that you’d like to make more queer specific?
  • How do you envision any specific prayer? Or if you were to make a picture of any specific prayer, what would that look like?
  • What is something that you think about weekly? Is there anything that comes up for you weekly? Many of these prayers are said every week, what would you want to be said every week?

Have other questions?

Feel free to email any other questions to [email protected].