Before submitting, please read everything below!

Please make sure to read the following carefully and follow the guidelines for your submission to ensure your submission will be accepted. All youth who submit to the siddur insert will receive a free physical copy once it is finished. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Note: We want to ensure that as many youth are featured in this project as possible. If you submit more than three pieces, please know that not all of them may get featured in the insert. Thank you for your understanding. 

For those submitting written pieces:

While we do not have a word requirement, please keep in mind that there may be issues with readability if your submission is too large. With that in mind, please limit your text submission to what can fit on two standard 5.5’x8.5’ pages. We will reach out to you if there are any issues with readability, but we cannot promise your work will be featured as originally formatted if it ends up being too large.

For those submitting visual art:

For those using digital methods of creating art (Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Procreate, etc.), we highly recommend that you submit your work as .PNG or .TIFF files and that the size of your canvas be at least 5’x7’ (750 pixels by 1050 pixels) with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch. For those using traditional methods of creating art (painting on canvas, charcoal, markers, papercraft, etc.), we recommend that you either scan your artwork or take a high resolution photo of it (most cell phones have a camera with a high resolution and will work perfectly). The pages of the zine will be 5.5’x8.5’.

If readability becomes an issue, or if your picture or scan needs to be significantly sized up or down in order to fit, we may contact you to make adjustments. If you are unable to provide a compatible option, it may result in your piece not being included.

For those submitting videos and music:

Please upload your video to a video hosting service (Youtube or Vimeo are preferred) or upload your song to a music hosting service (such as Soundcloud). Uploading requirements differ depending on which service you use, so please make sure to follow their guidelines closely. Please keep videos and songs under 5 minutes in length.

In the insert, we will use a QR Code to link readers to your video or song. Keshet’s Editorial Board can create the QR Code, but if you would like to create a specific one, please inform us and submit that along with the link to your video.

Please ensure that you understand the specifications for the medium you are submitting and have read the guidelines above!

Submit your work here