Building a Community of Belonging in Your Youth Group

Explore ways to make your Jewish Youth Group a more inclusive, welcoming, and safe environment for LGBTQ youth, staff, and families.

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A Guide for LGBTQ+ Belonging for Jewish Youth Groups Below you will find several suggestions for how to make your youth group a more inclusive, welcoming, and safe environment for…

This resource is only available as a PDF. Click here to download.

  Click here to download  an all-gender restroom sign. Click here to download a sign explaining the purpose of all-gender restrooms.

This resource is only available as a PDF. Click here to download.

What’s in a Pronoun?: Third-Person and All-Gender Pronouns Assembled by Dubbs Weinblatt, Essie Shachar-Hill, and Jacob Klein (May 2019) Updated January 2023 by Chaim Ezra Harrison and Jay Smith THE…

This resource is available only as a downloadable PDF. Click here to download. Poster-sized versions of this resource are available in the Keshet Store.    

Save the following JPEG image to print, or display it on your organization’s website:   Easily print your own Safe Zone or Pride stickers using Avery 5395  adhesive label paper…

Written non-discrimination policies and benefits form the foundation of diversity and inclusion efforts. Do the organizations you belong to, work for and/or support have a policy in place that specifically…

Compiled from responses gathered from participants of Keshet’s National Training Institutes Have you ever heard someone use the expression, “That’s so gay!” to convey something negative? When “gay” is used…

Introduction: Inclusive forms and paperwork are an important part of LGBTQ-affirming organizational culture. Not only will inclusive forms allow your organization to capture the most accurate information, but they also…

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Many events in Jewish life are accompanied by a ritual or ceremony. Our library of materials can help you find a meaningful LGBTQ+ inclusive text or interpretation for your event.


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As a family with two dads living in Florida, finding inclusive Jewish spaces is more important than ever. Keshet is working every day to make it easier for families like ours, and we are indebted to Keshet and its staff for their advocacy and programming in our state. We have seen firsthand the impact that Keshet has made for our family, and we are proud to support their continued good work.

Louis and Lane Rosner. Boca Raton, FL