“Often in Jewish spaces, the vibrant hues, experiences, and culture of LGBTQ+ JOC (Jews of Color) are too often overlooked, underrepresented, and/or underappreciated, leaving LGBTQ+ JOC yearning for that true sense of belonging we rightfully deserve in the Jewish community. My passion and vision lie in fostering belonging, healing, and celebration for LGBTQ+ JOC in Jewish life and I’m honored to be doing this work now as a Keshet staff member. I’m unbelievably excited to connect, learn, and collaborate with LGBTQ+ JOC to achieve something truly special!”

– Sage Cassell- Rosenberg, Keshet’s JOC Program Manager

Upcoming Events

The Keshet Neshamot/Rainbow Souls Shabbaton

A Shabbaton weekend retreat created by and for QJOC (Queer Jews of Color).

The Keshet Neshamot/Rainbow Souls Shabbaton: A Retreat of Radiant Belonging is a Shabbat weekend retreat dedicated to celebrating the authentic and wonderful spirit of QJOC, co-lead by the JOC Mishpacha Project and Keshet.

February 16-18, 2024
Pearlstone Retreat Center

Open to 18+ QJOC.

Programs, Resources, and More

LGBTQ+ Jewish Youth of Color
LGBTQ+ Jewish Youth of Color

Sacred spaces for LGBTQ Jewish Youth of Color to feel affirmed and celebrated in all of our identities, to see our identities reflected fully in leadership and our peers, and to connect with each other.

Resources for LGBTQ Jews of Color
Resources for LGBTQ Jews of Color

Essays, rituals, art, profiles, and more - all by and about LGBTQ Jews of Color.

Racial Justice Commitment
Racial Justice Commitment

As we strive for justice and equity, we are committed to addressing the needs and elevating the voices of LGBTQ Jews of Color.

Suggestion Box

Are you an LGBTQ+ JOC with an idea or suggestion for an event, a blog piece, a resource, or more? Drop your suggestion here!