OUTstanding! 2022

Join OUTstanding! at Home:
Host friends and family at your home!


OUTstanding! 2022 is in New York City and Everywhere Online on Thursday, November 10.

  • Host Committee members live across North America.
  • The event honors four people who have made extraordinary contributions to advancing LGBTQ equality and justice in the Jewish community and beyond: Amram Altzman, S. Bear Bergman, Kohenet Keshira haLev Fife, and Carson Gleberman
  • Anyone can join two online Zoom viewings at 7:30pm EST and 7:30pm PST.
  • OUTstanding! at Home is new to Keshet, a way to bring together our global community and to benefit Keshet’s mission of LGBTQ equality in Jewish life.
  • Click here to access our OUTstanding! at Home Host Guide (Googe Doc).

How do I host?

OUTstanding! at Home requires a host, an internet connection, and a laptop. We will provide a written guide with tips to connect the Zoom to your tv and with ideas for a Keshet-themed discussion!

How you host is up to you! Would you like to: Host a dinner for you and two friends chatting before you join the livestream from NYC? Organize a cocktail or mocktail party for a group of eight, a Satellite Soiree? Invite the rabbi? Organize an ice cream party with your teenage kids and friends? Or maybe offer to visit your family: “I would just love to come visit you and watch the Keshet gala together… Will you cook your famous matzo ball soup? I’ll bring the HDMI cable!

When and how long is the NYC gala livestream?

The livestream begins at 7:30pm EST, with a second stream at 7:30 PST. We will share the schedule, so that you can decide whether to watch the full 70-minute program or perhaps tune in just for the honoree panel discussion.

Does it cost anything?

You or your guests have no obligation to donate to Keshet, but donations will be invited through our text-to-pledge program or on our website. Hosts are responsible for inviting and feeding your guests. Thank you! Outstanding! at Home is a Do-It-Yourself program, a joyous event for our community for a good cause.

What else should I know?

OUTstanding! at Home is a pilot-of-a-pilot program to envision a new future for community celebration, after two years of Zoom-room galas. What if the entire Keshet community could gather each year in person or online — at the gala venue, at homes, or in community venues all at once — from Washington DC to Washington State?

OUTstanding! at Home Zoom sessions are “screens on,” meaning that you can turn on your camera and see who else is joining the Zoom Room. The chat bar will be on! And we will organize an All-Community L’chaim during the program to bring the in-person, online, and at-home attendees together for a joyous toast.

I’m in! How do I sign up?

  1. Make your plan and invite friends and family!
  2. Download our “Hosting Guide” for OUTstanding! at Home.
  3. Click here to get a free or pay-what-you-can online ticket and Zoom link
  4. Let us know you are hosting! Email Ben Haberman, Keshet’s Development Fellow, with your name, email, phone, and hometown (and with any questions) to [email protected].
  5. Invite your guests to “sign up” to keep in touch with Keshet. Invite them to optionally share their name, email address, and mailing address to receive updates from Keshet year-round. When the event is over, please send your feedback and guest info to [email protected].


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