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Honorary Chairs:

Gali Cooks & Keren Rosenbaum-Cooks

Seth M. Marnin & Rachel B. Tiven

Justin Rosen Smolen & Avi Smolen

and Kohenet Dr. Harriette Wimms


Host Committee (in formation)

Rabbi Laura Abrasley and Julie Childers

Dr. Joséphine Altzman

Gideon Aronoff and Jackie Rogerio

Adam L. Berger and Stephen E. Frank

Alyx Bernstein

Amy Born and Alex Pascal

Carson and Joseph Gleberman

Alan Cohen and Robert Bank

Rabbi Ayelet Cohen and Rabbi Marc Margolius

Gali Cooks and Keren Rosenbaum-Cooks

Steven Davis and J. Jacob Krause

Shoshana Dweck and Family

Ann and Myron Falchuk

Tony Felzen

Liz Fisher and Jeremy Brown

Nicole and Joshua Gann

Lenny Goldstein and Tom Formicola

Rabbi George Gittleman

Jill Goldenberg and Sidney Kriger

Rabbi Lauren and Jon Grabelle Herrmann

Institute for Jewish Spirituality

Rabbi Ira Helf and John Knoebel

Debbie and Jamie Heller

Debbie and Rabbi Michael Joseph

Idit Klein and Jordan Namerow

Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum and Randi Weingarten

Larry Kraus and Sara Smolover

Ari Kristan and Suzanne Adamczak

Liana and Michael Krupp

Rabbi Adina and Andi Lewittes

Davia L. Loren

Seth M. Marnin and Rachel B. Tiven

Marc Maxwell

Betty Morningstar and Jeanette Kruger

Evan Namerow and Justin Stone

Dara Papo

Tamar Prager and Arielle Freedberg

Rabbi Joshua Rabin and Rabbi Yael Hammerman

Dana and Yossi Raucher

Landres Family – Renata and Shawn & Zuzana

Dr. Judith Rosenbaum and Rabbi Or Rose

Jason Rosenberg and Seth Radin

Wendy Rosov and Peg Sandel

Rachel Jacoby Rosenfield and Paul Rosenfield

Jeff Schoenfeld and Matt Holbein

Rabbi Becky Silverstein and Naomi Sobel

Lori and Adam Simon

Nancy and Howard Smith

Justin Rosen Smolen and Avi Smolen

Rabbi Matthew and Nicole Vengrove Soffer

Sarah Sokolic

Rabbi Jay M. Stein

Martin H. Tannenbaum and Alex Ingersoll

Amy and Etan Weiss


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