Who is invited to submit to the zine?

LGBTQ Jews between the ages of 13 and 24 are invited to submit content revolving around the prompt of “At the Intersection of Queer and Jewish”.

What is the best format to submit?

You can submit art in the form of images, written pieces, videos, or music. For more information please visit our submissions guide!

Can I submit anonymously?

Absolutely! We will ask a series of questions on the submission form, including what you grant us permission to do with your creation, where it appears (e.g., our website and social media), and what name (if any) you’d like us to attach to it.

What kind of topics can my submission be about?

Your creation will ideally be related to your experience being Jewish and LGBTQ, but we want you to incorporate other aspects of your identity as well. We wish to especially uplift the experiences and art of Jews of Color, Jews by choice, disabled Jews, and Jews from multifaith backgrounds.

Some prompts to help guide your creativity could be:

  • How do you experience religion or culture with gender/sexuality?
  • What does the relationship between your body and your gender look like from a religious/spiritual perspective?
  • If you connect to, or identify with, certain characters in religious canon, with what or whom do you connect with most?
  • What does it feel like to experience euphoria in a religious or gender context?

Have other questions?

Feel free to email any other questions to [email protected]


Submissions are closed! Stay tuned for distribution information.