With a broken heart

October 8, 2023

By Idit Klein

I write with a broken heart as I watch the news and talk with my family, friends, and colleagues in Israel. I know that many of you have loved ones in Israel, too, and I wanted to reach out to you with concern and love in this deeply sad, traumatic, and scary time.

These are a few of the words I’ve heard in the past 36 hours from family and friends in Israel:

“I’ve never felt terrified like this before.”

“My heart breaks for my friend whose 21-year-old daughter was abducted and taken into Gaza.”

“Will we ever, all of us who live here, be able to live without fear?”

It is hard to know what to do from here. What I know is that expressions of love and support are especially important right now.

To our dear colleagues in Israeli LGBTQ organizations, to our own friends and families, and to all our Israeli siblings: we hold you in our hearts in this terrifying time.

At Keshet, we spent last week lifting up the stories of our queer Jewish ancestors whom we invited into our sukkot in the tradition of ushpizin, welcoming cherished guests. We call on their courage, resilience, and visions of a better world as we pray for an end to the violence, on both sides of the border, and a peaceful future for all.

May the one who makes peace in the heavens grant us peace, to all of Israel, and to all who dwell on this earth. And let us say Amen.