Observe TDOR in your community

  • Hold space to remember those who were lost this year. Share this memorial reading by SVARA faculty and Keshet Emeritus Board member Rabbi Becky Silverstein. Add this or another memorial reading to your Shabbat service, or host a TDOR gathering of your own. 
  • Share our Transgender Day of Remembrance memorial graphic in your social media and/or download it and post publicly in your institution.
  • For many transgender people, TDOR is a hard day. Keep this in mind as you engage with your community, and consider it when planning other events on your calendar.
  • If you are personally impacted, remember there is no right or wrong way to mark this day, and hold yourself with compassion. Give yourself space to grieve if you need it.

Make plans to support trans members of your community

  • Offer support for Jewish rituals to mark transgender-specific lifecycle events like name changes and gender-affirming medical procedures. (For resources, visit transtorah.org)
  • Make sure your community spaces have all-gender restrooms.
  • Model correct pronoun and name use, and encourage your community to do the same. Show respect to trans and nonbinary community members.
  • Get the facts: check out our new resources on how to address anti-trans misconceptions.
  • Honor living Jewish transgender leaders like Kate Bornstein, Koach Baruch Frazier, and Abby Chava Stein by reading their work or booking them to speak at your organization. You can order Keshet LGBTQ Jewish Hero posters of Kate Bornstein and Koach Frazier here.
  • If you would like to get involved in Keshet’s work mobilizing Jewish communities to fight for trans rights, please contact our Community Mobilization team at [email protected]
  • Reach out to Keshet’s Education and Training department for support in cultivating trans equality and belonging in your community at [email protected].