All participants will complete an institutional self-assessment that evaluates their current policies, programs, and organizational culture. This step allows leaders to determine their institution’s areas of strengths and areas for further growth, and prepares them to create informed and clear action plans.

These action plans will be shared and discussed during the opening summit, a full day (or two half-days, if online) of experiential learning and action planning that is attended by a working group of 2-4 stakeholders, including at least one decision-maker, from each participating organization.


At the Summit, participants will engage in deep learning to connect LGBTQ+ belonging to their own story and values, identify key LGBTQ+ terminology and concepts, explore the ways that homophobia, transphobia, and gender-based discrimination impact all people, contextualize this work within the broader diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) landscape, and workshop common scenarios.

Planning for Action

With the support of Keshet staff, each organization will draft a customized action plan with concrete objectives and a timetable for implementation. These action plans are an essential part of the learning and skill-building that the Shivyon Project offers.

Follow-Up and Coaching

Organizations will participate in 2 webinars and receive up to 5 coaching calls over the course of a year to help them carry out their action plans. Keshet coaches help working groups fine-tune their plans, identify resources and strategies for carrying them out, and provide ongoing support for the work of LGBTQ equality within their institutions.

The year concludes with a closing gathering, during which participants will share their learnings and successes and identify resources for ongoing learning.   

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