OUTstanding! 2022 Policy on Covid Safety for our Community


On November 10, Keshet is thrilled to be able to gather in New York City (in-person) and online with you for OUTstanding! 2022, to benefit our work for full LGBTQ equality in Jewish life. 

We know that many members of our community are feeling relief from the protection afforded by vaccines and low Covid case numbers. They are feeling safe and eager to interact in person, to eat and drink together with the option to remain unmasked. We also know that many other cherished members of our community are not yet able to safely unmask for a variety of medical and other reasons. 

The Keshet community holds both of these perspectives. We are striving to design an event that can meet many diverse needs while holding an in-person celebration that includes food, drink, and, of course, plenty of schmoozing. Note that we are also holding this event online for all who cannot be there in person, with opportunities such as an integrated in-person/Zoom All Community l’Chaim to bring everyone together.

Keshet’s Covid safety procedures for OUTstanding! 2022 have incorporated feedback from public health experts and practices from other nonprofit galas. Please note that circumstances may change by November 10, resulting in adjustments to this policy. We will remain vigilant to monitor the external health environment and will communicate with all guests about any changes. 

Keshet Covid Policies and Procedures for OUTstanding! 2022:


If you might be sick, please stay home.
If you are exhibiting any symptoms of any illness, please join OUTstanding! 2022 along with friends online in homes across the country.


All will be asked to show proof of vaccination and ID.
All in-person attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination with at least two doses, accompanied by identification, at the door.


Get tested to confirm a negative result.
All in-person attendees are asked to take an antigen, rapid Covid test showing a negative result within 24 hours of the event. This is on the honor system. If you receive a positive result of “Covid-detected,” please stay home.


High-quality masks will be available and optional. Choose a seating area that meets your preference:
Keshet will make KN95 and/or KF94 masks available to all guests in locations throughout the event space. After registration, guests will be able to choose among three seating options to meet your needs and preferences:

  • A “Mask Optional” section will include tables where masks are optional.
  • A “Mask whenever possible” section will include tables where attendees agree to mask at all times when not eating or drinking.
  • A “Mask-required” section will include tables where attendees agree to wear masks at all times. These tables will be positioned with social distance from food and drink lines. Attendees in this section agree to eat or drink at open cocktail tables and return to the seating area masked.


Understand the event space
We have selected an indoor event space that offers a large room with ample airflow, tall ceilings, and an air filtration system upgraded since the pandemic began. This system can provide a layer of protection, along with other measures such as masking and social distancing.


While we understand that no single safety policy can meet every possible need, we believe that these options can make it possible for our community members with differing levels of risk and risk-tolerance to celebrate together.

OUTstanding! has become a joyous Keshet tradition, a way to celebrate the best of our community while raising much-needed funds to advance our mission. Whether you join us online or in person, we hope to see you there!

Please check this page for any future updates.

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