Explore our LGBTQ-affirming articles, rituals, and Torah commentaries to enrich your celebration of Sukkot.

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Holiday: Sukkot Sukkot: Celebrating Unity Through Diversity by Rabbi Andrew Sacks on Monday October 13, 2008 14 Tishri 5769 Holiday: Sukkot There are more spiritually resonant symbols associated with the…

Sukkot Ushpizin, Shefa, and Choosing Openness Despite Having Been Forced Open by Ri J. Turner on Friday October 02, 2009 14 Tishrei 5770 Sukkot, Sukkot   Sukkot is a fall…

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Many events in Jewish life are accompanied by a ritual or ceremony. Our library of materials can help you find a meaningful LGBTQ+ inclusive text or interpretation for your event.


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Without Keshet, my connection to Judaism would be weaker. Keshet really allowed me to connect in the Jewish world. Now, I’m actually known as the kid that dances in the back of the synagogue during Shabbat services.

Cooper, Keshet Youth Leader