Prayer for Jewish Parents as They Name, Welcome, and Make First Decisions About Gender for Their Child

A prayer for families who are about to have a baby, or who have just given birth.

January 25, 2021

By Rabbi David Dunn Bauer

Hashem, whose unknowable essence patterns our own, this day we prayerfully call this child our child. Let the gender choices we make for our child be for the good. Let us seek to learn the truth about this child’s gender from this child over time, and let us not force a gender-identity upon this child, based on these eight brief days of our acquaintanceship.

Hashem, we have long awaited this child’s arrival in our lives. Let the power of our love and anticipation guide us to teach and nurture our children in humility, to guide and steer them with strength and beneficent authority, and to hold in awareness, that though their naked selves are entrusted to our care, much of their truth has yet to be revealed.

Baruch atah Yadonai/Bruchah at Yah…creator and knower of mysteries.