Next Year in Gender Liberation! Towards Trans Justice and Joy

Close your Seder with concrete action for trans liberation!

April 13, 2022

By Jon Cohen, Director of Community Mobilization

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As we tell our people’s story of oppression and liberation this Passover, anti-LGBTQ politicians are advancing new anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ policies all across the country, most recently in Florida, Arizona, Alabama, Utah, Indiana, Texas, Ohio, and Idaho.

The basic rights and dignity of LGBTQ children, adults, and families are at risk – whether they can safely attend school, access health care, play sports, use a bathroom, and live their daily lives. The federal Equality Act would end all these anti-LGBTQ policies – but it’s stuck in the Senate.

As Jews, we know what it feels to be treated as outsiders.

When we retell our ancient story of being enslaved by Pharaoh, we call on ourselves and our communities to act for a world where we honor what is holy and unique in every person and treat others as we would like to be treated.

In this Passover season of our liberation, let us all speak out for LGBTQ equality as Jews.


1. Call your federal and state legislators – all of them – and ask them to defend and protect trans people.

You can look up all your local, state, and federal representatives in one place here. Call each office and urge your legislator to get off the sidelines:

“Hello, my name is [First and Last Name] and I am a constituent living in [City].

I am calling to urge [Name of Representative or Senator] to support trans people and the entire LGBTQ community. I expect my representatives/senators to represent me, and the majority of people across all political parties, and take positive action for LGBTQ equality in every way your office can.

It’s not enough to just vote the right way. My Jewish tradition teaches me to treat other people as I would like to be treated – with dignity and respect – and not to sit idly by, as if there is nothing I can do, when people who are just living their lives are being attacked and hurt.

I expect your office to take action to protect trans youth and all LGBTQ people in our community. Thank you for your time.”


2. Bring Keshet’s Community Mobilization team to your community!

We will customize an online program for your community about LGBTQ rights in your state and how you can make change. Email us at [email protected].


3. Keep learning.

Right-wing politicians exploit many people’s lack of familiarity with the LGBTQ community, especially around gender. Read recent press and stay informed. Start with these two pieces by Keshet staff and youth leaders, “Bills attacking LGBTQ rights are an assault on Jewish values – and Jewish teens,” by Keshet CEO Idit Klein and Keshet youth leader Is Perlman, and “Arkansas banned gender-affirming care for teens. That same care saved my life.” by Keshet Youth Programs Intern Sawyer Goldsmith.


4. Support Keshet and get involved!

Click here to donate to Keshet, and sign up for our email list.


5. Tell the trans and LGBTQ youth in your family and community that you love them and will never stop fighting for them!

Check out this support and resource list for LGBTQ teens and allies.


Download this resource as a PDF