Resources for your Seder & Liberation

March 24, 2023


“We need to sustain the sanctity of possibility.” 

Is Perlman, Keshet’s NY Youth Engagement Intern, shared these beautiful words at a Keshet-Mazzoni Center Salon this week in Philadelphia. They were referring to the process of self-recognition, affirmation, and reinvention that we see so many LGBTQ+ youth experience at the Keshet Shabbaton and in our other teen programs. 

All of us need to nourish the sanctity of possibility — in our relationships, our connection with Jewish community, and our sense of our own potential to make a difference in the world.

In two weeks, many of us will retell the origin story of our liberation as a people at a Passover Seder. We are glad to share with you new resources for your Seder and to explore throughout Pesach. This year’s resources include a reimagined Seder plate with symbols that hold meaning for LGBTQ+ liberation for Keshet staff and board members. We encourage you to supplement your Seder with these symbols and share your contributions using #MyKeshetSeder.  

Soon, we will read in the Haggadah: “In each generation, each person is obligated to see themselves as though they personally came forth from Egypt.”  We must remember our past in order to animate our actions in the present. We all must participate in the project of liberation. I invite you to read on for opportunities to celebrate, explore, and advance justice in your own community and the world.

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