Jon Grabelle Herrmann

February 28, 2022


Jon welcomes you to make a donation to Keshet. He has been a fundraiser, nonprofit executive, and repeat entrepreneur for over 20 years. In past roles at Volunteers of Legal Service, USA250, Pre-K for PA, J Street, and as the founder of Campus Philly, Jon has raised over $25M from individual donor, foundation, corporate, and government sources.

Jon is an ally with a personal stake in Keshet’s success and our work for LGBTQ equality. He is a proud parent of two openly queer kids. He is also a rebbetzin and partner to his wife, Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann, who leads SAJ-Judaism That Stands For All, a participant in Keshet’s synagogue training program.

Jon earned his B.S. in Economics from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Having been born and raised in North Jersey and later living most of his adult life in Philadelphia prior to moving to New York City in 2015, Jon maintains a complicated system of dual loyalties to various New York and Philadelphia sports teams. And he believes that our liberation is bound up in the liberation of all people.