Hannah “Hensch” Henschel

September 1, 2021


Hensch brings their background in advancing Jewish life to be more equitable for all to their work as Keshet’s Associate Director of Education and Training: Cohort Learning.

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati, Hensch worked as a Tzedek Social Justice Fellow at the Asheville JCC where they were able to work with Keshet to create the first-ever JCC Transgender inclusive locker room policy. After their time as a fellow, they worked locally at the Ohio State University as their Innovation Fellow. Most recently, Hensch worked for Hillel International as their Manager for Engagement and Wellness where they managed and facilitated numerous cohorts for Hillel International professional and college students that focused on disability inclusion, mental health, and LGBTQ+ inclusion. While working at Hillel they designed Hillel’s International’s first-ever immersive abroad opportunity specifically for LGBTQ+ college students and helped bring mental health training to hundreds of international college campus professionals.

Hensch currently lives in Washington, DC where they spend their time exploring the green spaces in the city, taking care of their house plants, and reading graphic novels.