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Taking Action for LGBTQ+ Rights is a Jewish Value:
Explore Jewish values that guide our thinking on the importance of taking action for LGBTQ+ rights, learn about different forms of activism and how Jews take a stand for LGBTQ+ rights, and examine the current state of LGBTQ+ rights nationally and locally. We will end this event by taking action for LGBTQ+ rights!

Equality Act 101:
The Equality Act is essential legislation to protect LGBTQ+ people. Keshet can train your community on how protecting LGBTQ+ rights is a Jewish value and how you can take action to protect LGBTQ+ Jews - no matter where they are.

The State of LGBTQ+ Rights in Your State:
LGBTQ+ human and civil rights laws vary by state. Keshet's training will bring your community up to date on what's happening where you are as well as nationally - and how you can take action.
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