Keshet’s Organizational Values


Justice. We are committed to equality and social justice. As Jews, we have a responsibility to fight oppression, effect change, and repair the world. We see LGBTQ justice as part of a broader movement for justice for all people.


Pride. We understand pride in identity as key to feeling whole. When LGBTQ Jews are encouraged to live our truths and participate openly and authentically in Jewish life, the entire Jewish community is stronger.


Human Dignity. We lead with compassion and empathy. We celebrate—and strive to help others see and celebrate—the inherent humanity, worth, and dignity of all people.


Partnership. We meet our community partners wherever they are in their journeys to LGBTQ equality, supporting them with the tools and resources they need to move forward.


Belonging. We are committed to creating a sense of belonging for all Jews within Jewish institutions. We embrace the racial, ethnic, and religious diversity in the Jewish community and strive to reflect that diversity in Keshet’s own leadership.


Impact. We are serious about creating concrete change. Our work must make a measurable difference in the lives of LGBTQ Jews and advance full equality in Jewish life.


Joy. We see joy as an act of resistance, a hallmark of LGBTQ+ Jewish resilience, and at the very core of our connections at Keshet. Our laughter lifts us up. Our celebration of each other makes us all shine.