The first recipient of the Hachamat Lev Award, Rabbi Sandra Lawson, appeared with her partner and a serendipitous prismatic rainbow on the wall behind her. “I want our communities to honor everyone,” she said, speaking about Black and brown rabbis and the beautiful diversity of the Jewish community. “And I want our Jewish community to be less racist and homophobic.”

The second recipient was Abby Stein, a trans woman and former member of the Hasidic community. Stein began transitioning in 2015 and has since given between 400 and 500 public speeches. “One of the first public events I did was for Keshet,” she said. “We don’t just want to help LGBTQ people, we want to help LGBTQ people in the context of Judaism.”

Receiving the Landres Courage for Dignity Award was Rabbi Mike Moskowitz, who is ordained three times over and has dedicated countless hours in service to the LGBTQ and social justice communities. Of the organization, he said: “Keshet supports all of us in our efforts to make the Jewish community a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQ Jews and their families.”

Even though the speakers attended from their homes, even though every face peered out from the screen, the event felt incredibly warm, well-planned and celebratory. It was no wonder that attendees broke Keshet’s donate button. I left the call feeling connected and joyous, not only because of the wonderful work that Keshet does for the LGBTQ community, but that they were able to hold such an event as a bright spot in this uncertain time.