First Night

Third Night

Equality is a Jewish value. Protect trans and LGBQ+ youth:

    • Use Phone 2 Action to contact your three elected officials. (That’s 2 senators and 1 representative.)

Fourth Night



Spread the love.

  • Contact four loved ones to share why LGBTQ+ justice matters to you as a Jew.

Fifth Night

Start local. 

  • Take five minutes to research your local officials (city council and school board, for example). 
  • Determine whether they support LGBTQ+ equality. 

Bonus points for contacting them!

    Sixth Night

    Broaden your networks. Follow these six accounts on social media:

      Seventh Night

      Inspire others to get involved.

      Eighth Night

      Recharge. The work is challenging and we need to take care of ourselves.

      • Do 8-minutes of self care. Focus on an activity that brings you joy and peace.

        Thank you for bringing more light into the world this Hanukkah.