Keshet’s President & CEO, Idit Klein, and Board Chair, Seth M. Marnin, issued the following Statement on the Election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris:

We’re deeply relieved by the outcome of the Presidential election. Human decency has prevailed!

As we congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we’re reminded of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s words: “If you believe that it is possible for something to break, you must believe that it is possible for it to be repaired.”

Looking at the deep divides and systemic injustice in our country, we know there is much for us to repair. Yet, at Keshet, we find tremendous hope in this victory for equality, justice, and dignity for all. As Jews, LGBTQ people, and allies, we hold these values as our mandate for action and our vision for the future.

In addition to rejoicing in the historic presidential race, we are thrilled that over 175 LGBTQ candidates across the country won their races, including Richie Torres as the first Afro-Latinx openly LGBTQ United States Congressperson, Mondaire Jones, the first Black openly LGBTQ Congressperson, and Sarah McBride, the first openly trans state senator in United States history.

There is much to celebrate. And there is so much to heal and rebuild. In the coming days, we will stand with the vast majority of Americans who call for a respectful leadership transition. Through times of greatest strife — a Civil War, two World Wars, a disgraced President’s resignation, and bitterly contested elections — the transfer of power has always been peaceful. We fervently hope this will happen now.

Jews and LGBTQ people know what it means to be both vulnerable and resilient.
That is why we will persevere in building a fully just Jewish community and world. Today, we celebrate these victories, recognizing what we cherish and what we must change. Tomorrow, we’ll continue to pursue a better world for our community, guided by the values that are at the heart of Jewish tradition.

We’ll never stop fighting for LGBTQ equality and standing up for racial justice, gender equity, immigrant rights, and the rights of all who continue to be marginalized in our society. We’ll hold onto the best of Jewish tradition — values of equality, justice, and human dignity — and strive to be our best selves. Together, we begin the process of repair and we thank you for joining with us.