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9/20 – Unpacking the Convergence of Hate: Racism, Antisemitism, and Anti-LGBTQ+ Bias

September 20, 2022

3:30 ET


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How do racism, antisemitism, and anti-LGBTQ+ bias intersect? How can we bring our commitment to racial justice to bear on our collective work? There is a long and deeply ingrained history of anti-LGBTQ+ animus in the U.S. that has overlapped and intersected with both antisemitism and racism throughout history, uniquely and disproportionately harming LGBTQ+ Jews and especially LGBTQ+ Jews of Color. Across the country, we are seeing legislation and political rhetoric filled with these prejudices and stereotypes. The impact of this reverberates from the classroom to the courtroom. Keshet and ADL Western Division invite you to spend your lunchtime or afternoon break learning from Nate Looney and Kiyomi Kowalski about the current ways these hatreds manifest together, the damaging impact they can have, and what we can all do to counter these harms.