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2/16 – 2/18 – The Keshet Neshamot / Rainbow Souls Shabbaton

February 16, 2024 - February 18, 2024

Baltimore, Maryland

Price: FREE!

RSVP: Keshet and JOCMP

The Keshet Neshamot/Rainbow Souls Shabbaton: A Retreat of Radiant Belonging is a Shabbat weekend retreat dedicated to celebrating the authentic and wonderful spirit of Queer Jews of Color (QJOC), co-lead by the JOC Mishpacha Project and Keshet. This program, which will be held at the Pearlstone Retreat Center on Feb 16-18th, 2024, is dedicated to celebrating and nurturing joy, healing, and the rich tapestry of QJOC experiences. Through workshops, discussions, self-exploration, and shared narratives, this Shabbaton aims to be a transformative space, amplifying the voices and experiences of QJOC individuals and honoring the intricate layers of their identities.