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12/17 – Divinity in Darkness: Gathering for LGBTQ & Ally Jewish Youth of Color

December 17, 2020

8pm ET / 5pm PT

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Gather with friends (new and old) and Kohenet Keshira haLev Fife (they/she) to unpack the most commonly projected themes of Hanukkah: darkness vs. light and the few vs. the many. What are the racial undertones to these themes? What does it mean to embrace the mystery and magic of darkness? What sacredness might we find when we come together with fellow members of “the few?”

Join us on the 7th night of Hanukkah for this special celebration of community and self!

This program is intended for LGBTQ & Ally Jewish Youth of Color ages 13 – 18.

Keshira and teen leaders in the Keshet community are creating more spaces for LGBTQ and Ally Jewish Youth of Color to gather in community with one another. If you would like to know more, or become part of our upcoming programs, please fill out our Getting to Know You form!