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6/6 – Screening of The Holy Closet and Concert with Chanan Ben Simon

June 6, 2024

6 pm ET

The Center for Jewish History

15 West 16th Street

New York, New York

Price: $18 with code NYSJFF_Keshet_HolyCloset10

RSVP: American Sephardi Federation

Join the American Sephardi Federation, the Sephardic Mizrahi Q Network, and Keshet for a screening of The Holy Closet during the NY Sephardi Jewish Film Festival!

6 pm: Screening of The Holy Closet

7 pm: Light reception: Refreshments & Drinks at the Great Hall.

7:30 pm: Chanan Ben Simon Concert: Chanan Ben Simon is a vocalist, multimedia artist, and singer/songwriter (aka Ben Simone) who grew up in Bet  Shemesh, Israel to a religious family of Moroccan descent. From an early age in between studying at the Yeshiva, he wrote piano songs, embodying Kate Bush, and later became nationally known for his musical talent in Israel’s The Voice. He moved to NY, where he’s currently the director of LABA NY, a laboratory for Jewish culture. Chanan’s exceptional music represents his life journey but also his multiple identities.