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07/11 – Roundtable Chef’s Night

July 11, 2021

5:00 pm (ET)

Price: Free

This second summer social programming for LGBTQ Jews of color session will center on the co-creation of a small meal, with dishes representing our multiple identities!  Upon registration, you’ll receive a recipe for a simple vegetarian entrée. Two weeks before the event, we’ll reach out to two registrants (surprise!) for an easy-to-make (make in under 20 minutes) dish that represents their cultural expression. A week before the event we’ll send out the recipe/ingredient list including the entrée again, a side dish, and a dessert that we’ll spend the session cooking together, with help from the two registrants. We also encourage folks to come with another side dish of their own already made and ready to share with the group. Of course, we’ll end the session dancing it out with happy bellies!

Jordan Daniels (He/Him) is a Fat Queer Afro-Jew writer and speaker focusing on Queer experiences, anti-racism, belonging for JoCs, and Fat activism. Jordan believes in collective liberation and is striving to find pathways to it that explore joy. Day-to-day he works as the Communications and Creative Specialist at the Leichtag Foundation. He is an alumni of Bend the Arc’s Selah JOC Cohort and seeks to support Queer JoCs in gaining tools to unlock their own freedom.

This program series includes four programs (June, July, August, and September) and you can choose to attend as many or as few of the programs as you’d like.

Many thanks to all of the co-sponsors of this program series, including: Ammud: The Jews of Color Torah Academy, Edot Midwest Regional Jewish Diversity Collaborative, Jewish Multiracial Network, Jews in ALL Hues, the Jews of Color Initiative, and the JOC Mishpacha Project.