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05/11 – LGBTQ Jewish Youth Talk About Difficult Things: A Spectrum Activity

May 11, 2021

8:00 pm E


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RSVP: Keshet

Do all LGBTQ Jewish youth think the same thing? How do our experiences and lives shape our opinions? Together, we will dive deep into questions on LGBTQ and Jewish identities, and the moments when they intersect — and we’ll begin to discuss them and share our experiences — our agreements and our disagreements — in safe, productive, and affirming space.

Hannah (they/them) is a high school junior in Houston, TX. They run the gender-sexuality alliance, founded the East-Texas GSA Coalition and is an active member of Pride Houston. Some of Hannah’s hobbies include digital art, photography, and reading about gender and sexuality.

This program is for LGBTQ Jews ages 13-18.