Temple Beth-El

Affiliation: Reform

Hillsborough, NJ 08844


Regarding same-sex wedding/commitment ceremonies in our sanctuary. Wedding ceremonies in our sanctuary have been limited to members of our synagogue community, including same-sex ceremonies.


  • Synagogue


  • Does LGBTQ Advocacy
  • Gender Inclusive Bathrooms
  • Has Gender Non-Discrimination Policy
  • Has Inclusive Materials
  • Has LGBTQ Library Resources
  • Has Out Parents
  • Has Out Participants
  • Has Sexual Orientation ND Policy
  • Incorporates LGBTQ Issues
  • Lifecycle Occasions
  • Offers Changing Rooms
  • Uses LGBTQ-Inclusive Language

Wedding Commitments

  • Welcomes Halakhic LGBTQ queries
  • Will perform a commitment ceremony for a Jewish same-sex couple
  • Will perform a wedding for a Jewish same-sex couple