Jewish Pride NOLA (New Orleans Louisiana)

Affiliation: Unaffiliated

Metairie, LA 70002

504 7805600

JP NOLA’s mission is to provide information, resources, and affirmation to Louisiana’s LGBTQ Jewish population. We will utilize our relationships with local synagogues, agencies, and other organizations to support, partner on, and promote LGBTQ-related programming, events, and opportunities. JP NOLA will participate in LGBTQ advocacy and be the centralizing resource for Jewish LGBTQ activities in Greater New Orleans.


  • Jewish Federation
  • Jewish Organization
  • LGBTQ Organization
  • Nonprofit


  • Does LGBTQ Advocacy
  • Does LGBTQ Outreach
  • Has Gender Non-Discrimination Policy
  • Has Inclusive Group
  • Has LGBTQ Programming
  • Has Out Leadership
  • Has Out Participants
  • Has Sexual Orientation ND Policy
  • Incorporates LGBTQ Issues
  • Lifecycle Occasions
  • Staff Trained on Inclusion

Wedding Commitments

  • Available for personal counseling