Congregation Beth Israel

Affiliation: Conservative

Worcester, MA 01609


Our rabbi provides pastoral counseling to our members, including on LGBTQ issues, but would refer individuals or families if they need more intensive/extensive counseling. I (Dale Rosenberg, Director of Learning and Engagement) am a lesbian and my wife and I are active as congregants in the shul in addition to my full-time staff position. Our Early Childhood Educator/Youth Advisor (one person - two part time positions) identifies as trans/genderqueer. We mark two special Shabbatot to focus on LGBTQ issues: Rainbow Shabbat in the fall (when we read Parashat Noach) and a Pride Shabbat in June. There are special lessons in our Religious School leading up to these and we have a speaker and literature given out. I teach on LGBTQ topics in Adult Ed, as well.


  • Hebrew High School
  • Hebrew School
  • Jewish Organization
  • Nonprofit
  • Religious Institution
  • Synagogue
  • Youth Group


  • Does LGBTQ Outreach
  • Gender Inclusive Bathrooms
  • Has Gender Non-Discrimination Policy
  • Has Inclusive Materials
  • Has LGBTQ Library Resources
  • Has LGBTQ Programming
  • Has Out Leadership
  • Has Out Parents
  • Has Out Participants
  • Has Sexual Orientation ND Policy
  • Incorporates LGBTQ Issues
  • Lifecycle Occasions
  • Offers Changing Rooms
  • Staff Trained on Inclusion
  • Uses LGBTQ-Inclusive Language

Wedding Commitments

  • Available for personal counseling
  • Weddings/commitment ceremonies for same-sex couples are performed in our synagogue
  • Welcomes Halakhic LGBTQ queries
  • Will perform a commitment ceremony for a Jewish same-sex couple
  • Will perform a wedding for a Jewish same-sex couple