Keshet’s President & CEO, Idit Klein, and Board Chair, Seth M. Marnin, issued the following statement:

We had hoped to feel relief by this time or even be celebrating. Instead, we’re grappling with continued uncertainty as we closely monitor developing news. We are clear that the vote counting must continue until every vote is tabulated. This is central to justice, equality, and human dignity, which are not only ideals of our democracy, but also core Jewish values.

In this unprecedented year, we’ve endured the stress of a pandemic that threatens our health, safety, and sense of well-being. Racial injustice continues to wound our nation. Our hard-won LGBTQ rights have been subject to relentless assaults.

We’re determined to stay focused on helping our community and partnering with our allies.

Central to our mission is providing safe and supportive spaces for LGBTQ Jewish young people. For youth who feel especially vulnerable right now, we offer ways to come together.

A Post-Election Day Gathering for LGBTQ and Ally Jewish Youth of Color, on November 5, is for all who identify as Black, Indigenous, Sephardi, or Mizrahi and features the singer, liturgist, public speaker, and proud Jewish woman of color, Kohenet Keshira HaLev Fife (for grades 8-12).
Havdalah for Hope, on November 7, will bring LGBTQ and ally Jewish teens together with Jewish activist, musician, and prayer leader, Chava Mirel (for grades 8-12).
Writing Ourselves into a Better World, on November 10, will be a creative, reflective workshop for 18-24-year-olds with Rena Yehuda Newman, a transgender writer, comix artist, and the editor of New Voices.


We’ll remain vigilant as the Supreme Court gets ready today to hear Fulton v. City of Philadelphia. This case could allow private agencies that receive taxpayer-funding — food banks, homeless shelters, and foster care providers, for example — to deny services to LGBTQ people. With so much at stake, we fear the judgment of a newly conservative majority.

“The only recognizable feature of hope is action.”
This insight from Grace Paley, Jewish writer and political activist, fuels us as we stand up for election integrity and the need for vote counting to continue until each and every one is counted. We hold on to hope through a commitment to continued action.

As we watch events unfold, we will persevere in building a fully just Jewish community and world. As you take action in the days ahead, we hope you take care of yourself and remember that as Jewish LGBTQ people, we know what it means to be both vulnerable and resilient. Together, we’ll not only survive, we’ll powerfully thrive. Thank you for joining with us.