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Virtual Retreatology: Condensed

August 15, 2021

9am PDT


237 Main Street

East Thetford, Vermont

Price: $75 refundable deposit that comes back in stages.

RSVP: Moishe House

Join Moishe House on Sunday, August 15th for a brand-new Virtual Retreatology! The Retreatology team has partnered up with Moishe House R&D to bring you a wholly revised experience that is:
Condensed! (1 day, 6 hours)
Shabbat friendly! (on Sunday)
More relational, less frontal!
Accessible! (no application required – just an RSVP)
More simple and more social than ever before!
This new iteration of Virtual Retreatology will qualify participants to lead either virtual OR in-person PLR’s where you can delve into a topic you’re passionate about and receive a budget to put it on! What better way to bring your community together after a long lockdown than a Peer-Led Retreat?! Registration is LIVE at!