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Solidarity through Storytelling: An Evening of Music, Poetry and Dance from LGBTQIA+ Jews and Allies

November 16, 2022

7:00 PM

3 Dollar Bill

260 Meserole Street

Brooklyn, New York

Price: Sliding Scale

RSVP: The Neighborhood and Thank You For Coming Out

Join The Neighborhood and Thank You For Coming Out on November 16 at 3 Dollar Bill for an evening of live music, poetry, and storytelling that explores the complexities of queerness and allyship within the Jewish community and what it means to show up in solidarity. We will celebrate and uplift the humor, the beauty, the difficulty, and the creativity of LGBTQIA+ Jews. MC-ed by Thank You For Coming Out’s Dubbs Weinblatt, Solidarity Through Storytelling will feature performances by David Blasher, Caroline Rothstein, Tova Harris, Sam Termine and Emma Henderson, Dylan Goodman, Eliana Kayelle, Rena Yehuda Newman, JuanDa, and more performers to be announced!