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Rokhl Oyerbakh: The Bridge Between Wartime and Postwar Testimony

November 3, 2019


Sterling Memorial Library Lecture Hall, Yale Campus

120 High Street, 1st floor

New Haven, Connecticut

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RSVP: Fortunoff Video Archive at Yale University Library, [email protected]

Rokhl Oyerbakh was a writer, essayist and a member of the Oyneg Shabes underground documentation project in the Warsaw Ghetto. As one of the only survivors of Oyneg Shabes, she helped recover the buried documentation after the war before emigrating to Israel. As a survivor-historian, Oyerbakh’s work to document first-person accounts of victims’ experiences continued after the war as Director of Yad Vashem’s Department for the Collection of Witness Testimony. She was responsible for curating survivor testimony for the Eichmann trial, and she played a prominent role as a survivor-advocate in the controversy surrounding Jean-François Steiner’s book Treblinka. These are but a few facets of Oyerbakh’s important contributions to our understanding of the survivor experience, and the history of the Holocaust.