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Pronoun + Neo-Pronoun Exploration

May 18, 2021

3:30 Pacific

Price: -

RSVP: Q.T. Wellness

May is here, and we’re springing into action with an event on Pronouns and Neo-Pronouns in collaboration with @qpodsd! This “Pronoun + Neo-Pronoun Exploration” is part of a series by Q.T. Wellness, focusing on supporting LGBTQ+ youth with Wellness (mental, physical, emotional, and social) tools to thrive on May 18th at 3:30 pm pacific time.

MoHo community members will serve as peer mentors with teens as we educate and discuss terminology and vernacular of pronouns with one another through a facilitated experience. This will be the last Q.T. Wellness event of the year. Those who attend will receive an “end of the Q.T. Wellness year” pride celebration gift. Tap the Link to register for the event!