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6/9 – The First Jew in Canada

June 9, 2024

2pm ET

TBZ Brookline

1566 Beacon Street

Brookline, MA

Price: Sliding scale admission: $15-$40

The First Jew in Canada is a storytelling event mapping the life of Jacques LaFargue, a trans Jewish 18th-century historical figure whose existence challenges current perceptions of transgender history and identity.

Through the lens of nine verifiable facts, this show weaves the historical records of Jacques LaFargue with the personal narrative of narrator S. Bear Bergman, a Jewish transgender man whose life mirrors Jacques’s in profound ways. From daring adventure to startling truth, each fact becomes a gateway to exploring broader themes of identity, history, and the desire to be seen

This show is not just a recounting of historical facts; it’s a Midrash – an exploration of the “whys” and the silences in between.

Childcare will be offered during the show