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4/29 – End Jew Hatred Day

April 29, 2023

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April 29th is #EndJewHatred Day. Dozens of Democratic and Republican lawmakers proclaimed April 29 to be #EndJewHatred Day, a non-partisan day of pride, unity, and solidarity with the Jewish community.

Please mark this day on your calendar, and post on socials on the 28th (as the 29th is Shabbat this year) a vlog, a post, anything at all, using YOUR voice to convey the message that ending Jew-hatred is something we all need to be involved with. It’s not about any single person or organization; it is a movement that unites and empowers us all! We would love to hear your thoughts, and about your initiatives, on that day!

We want to amplify your voice, so please tag Yuval David and the End Jew Hatred movement @endjewhatred and #EndJewHatred so we can repost.