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1/22 – Forging Equality: LGBQT+ Michigan Advocacy and Legislation 2024 Webinar Update

January 22, 2024

5 pm ET



Price: Free

What can religious and community leaders as well as the general public do to support LGBQT+ people in the face of growing opposition and oppression? While many states are trying to restrict LGBQT+ rights and are actively targeting the transgender community, Michigan is opening its arms and bracing for an influx of “refugees” from more restrictive states who are seeking affirmative health care. What challenges does Michigan face and what do you need to know about proposed legislation?

Join Jay Kaplan, LGBTQ+ Rights Project Staff Attorney, ACLU-Michigan, and Emme Zanotti, Advocacy & Outreach Director, Equality Michigan on this important webinar. This will be of particular interest to welcoming congregations, religious leaders, social justice committees, and community members in Michigan who are interested in advocating for the needs of their LGBTQ+ congregants and friends.

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